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How is it that a completely stranger can change your life, and make you keep your unwanted baby. In A simple exchange of Niceties the author Joanne Fedler makes a young lady with a favourite bench in a park, change her mind about getting an abortion by meeting a stranger, with the opposite problem as herself. But why does that meeting have so much effect on the narrator? And could a stranger affect us all in such an extreme way? But in some cases we have to believe a little bit in fate.

In the story we meet a typical woman, who likes to keep things to herself. She is also the narrator of the text. The woman is pregnant with a man called Damian, but he doesn’t ...view middle of the document...

The bench is really personal and intimate to her and she dosen’t want to share that with strangers.
One day a stranger sit down next to her, and not only just sit there but also talks to her. “You shouldn’t smoke”, the woman who sit next to her says. The narrator is just answering impolite and irritated. But something unexpected is happening “we’ve just been told we can’t have kids” the lady says. The narrator is answering with an “it’s none of my business”, and by that she tries to project herself from what now is about to happen. The lady is now crying and telling her whole story to the narrator. The lady’s is leaving with a “maybe I’ll see you again”. The narrator is now sitting back and thinking, if she ever want to do something good with her life she should give birth to her baby, and give it to the lady she just met. She tells her mom that she is pregnant but has no intensions to keep the baby “don’t you DARE give my granddaughter away” that gives the narrator a lump in her throat, because there is something about her, her mother would like to keep. When she gives birth to a little girl something changes about her, and she can’t imagine how it would be like for her own mother to lay there with a little baby on her chest. But it doesn’t change her mind completely of giving her baby away, so she still looks for the lady, but she never shows up at the bench. The stranger hat with no change of knowing made the narrator keep her own baby, and that is fate. Sometimes a stranger can do the biggest impression on you.

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