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A Silver Bullet Essay

1645 words - 7 pages

Brian Williams
English 101
Mrs. Goebel
October 1st 2013
A Silver Bullet
Switzerland, is known for it’s myriad of mountains; each peak containing their own unique features and secrets. On one of these snowy sierras lies the world- renown workshop, Hansjurg Kesslerâ€. In this workshop one of the finest snowboards known to the world is created, The Kessler. Originating in 1988, Kessler was established to build boards that exceeded the current standard of snowboards. Boards that were built with the best material to give the rider the freedom to do whatever they wanted. Boards that could handle any condition with ease and swiftness. Boards that accelerate down racecourses, handle any ...view middle of the document...

Whether a rider bends his knees or keeps them straight, the same carves can be performed with each riders certain, technique and flare. What also makes these boards special for the riders, is that Kessler is a company that hasn’t given into mass production. There are no factories around the globe building Kessler snowboards, there is only one shop. It is the only site of production for Kessler snowboard, making it easy for any consumer to make a personal request for a board. All orders for every board must go through the owner, Hansjuerg Kessler, who then proceeds to build them himself. It seems even Industry experts are very impressed with how these boards are made. In 2009, Kessler was chosen as one of the seven finalists for the Brand-new Award. This award recognizes the improvement of technology in the snowboarding world. Out of 500 nominees, Kessler was amongst the top four (Kessler). The company still remains as one of the top recognized in the sport today.
In the world of alpine racing, every snowboard is one of a kind. Boards range from SG, Nidedecker, Swoard, Coiler, Prior, Burton, Volkl, to F2. Even though some boards are made from the same material, none are the same as another. What separates Kessler from this list is how they construct and test their boards compared to other brands. All Kessler snowboards are handmade and processed by machines built personally by Hansjuerg. This process is what gave birth to the KST (Kessler Shape Technology), a technology that gives an infinite amount of possibilities to the shape of any Kessler board. An important component to the KST is the Clothoid Formula. This Geometrical wonder exemplifies the radii on the snowboard with pin point accuracy, giving the rider the ability to carve the board without any application of force and to control the carve from the point on the edge of the board. More point on the front, the tighter the carve will be. Less point on the front, the straighter the carve will be. This also remove the possibility of the rider catching an edge and the straining of the body from intense muscle use. Another main component of the Kessler that helps with carving and the speed of the board is Titanal. Titanal is an aluminum alloy that when crafted with KST gave the Kessler a very supportive edge system. The Kessler is known for in the snowboarding community how its edges hold longer, deeper turns in ice, giving it an advantage against other brands in icy conditions, even give the rider a diminished effect of the vibrational feedback when riding through iced and chattery race courses. The board is also built with the best wood available, giving the board the stiffness and flexibility to the give the rider full reign of the board allowing him to transition from one carve to another with ease. When it comes down to test a Kessler the shop is located near to the ski region, Bruanwald. This where every archetype Kessler board is tested before being brought back to the shop for final...

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