A Short Summary Of The Bell Jar

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A Short Summary of The Bell Jar
When The Bell Jar was first published in 1963, the reviews were lukewarm, for British critics found it to be a critique of American society and deemed the title character a hopeless neurotic.The novel did not reach American shores for another several years,despite great demand in America for it. By the time that the novel arrived in America in 1971,Sylvia Plath was a household name and confessional literature was in vogue, and the women’s movement was in full bloom. The Bell Jar easily became the bestseller and it quickly established itself as a female adolescence novel.
The Bell Jar is set in the New York City of summer 1953 in which narrator, Esther ...view middle of the document...

On the last night of her New York stay, Esther goes on a blind date with a man named Marco, who hates women and almost rapes her. She gets away from him and gets back to the hotel,then she takes all the clothes that have been given to her as promotional advertisements for the magazine and throws them off the hotel roof as if throwing away the unhappy memories of the past month spent in New York City.
Esther returns to the Boston suburbs and discovers that she has not been accepted to a writing class she had planned to take. She had to spend the summer with her mother instead. She makes vague plans to write a novel, learn shorthand, and start her senior thesis. Soon she finds the feelings of unreality she experienced in New York taking over her life. She is unable to read, write, or sleep, and she stops bathing. Her mother takes her to Dr. Gordon, a psychiatrist who prescribes electric shock therapy for Esther. Esther becomes more unstable than ever after this terrifying treatment, and decides to kill herself. Finally, she hides in a basement crawl space and takes a large quantity of sleeping pills.
Esther awakens to find herself in the hospital.She feels completely paranoid about the doctors in the hospital. Fortunately, Mrs....

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