A Short Story On Napoleon Essay

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Its been nothing but a week, which has been nothing but a pain for Napoleon, who is waiting for nothing but one answer... This is a big deal for Napoleon, this could be the deciding factor, the catalyst to his victory and expansion. With Russia on his side, it will only be a matter of time before Britain feels the effects of the cold shoulder. The word was sent, one simple word that would make or break the empire. “the word sir had arrived...NO” stated the messenger “NO?!...this cannot be” yelled Napoleon Napoleons eyes squinted, and his mind was turned on overdrive, thinking of possibilities as to why Russia had sent the one word that he didn’t want. He thought his ...view middle of the document...

“We must ask the United states for help” one shouted “We must block all boarders with active troops patrolling the area, so no unwanted trade or exports takes place” the other recommended “We mustn’t forget the waters, We must place ships patrolling the waters, spread out from the north of France to the south near former Spain, and in the Baltic sea.” A third said while reaching under his chair to find a paper he had just dropped. It was not long before Napoleon sent out a letter to the United States asking them for help with the blockade of British imports and exports, they agreed seeing as France helped them in times of need. Napoleon knew that his empire would need some of the colonial goods that they received from Russia and Britain, such as castings, ropes and webbing, even just personal goods like food and eye glasses. So he decided to properly fun those areas in his own empire so they could be more stable. This will be a total blackout for Britain and France, Napoleon declared, we will not speak, trade or interact with them, they do not exist to us anymore. Even though Napoleon knew that he will need some resources from Britain, but he would have to settle without them, or find other alternatives. There were no exceptions. As the days, months, years past, the changes were being seen, slow as a snail but gradually pushing forward. The French empire felt it hard at first seeing as they needed recourses from Britain but could not have them. Napoleon almost relapsed, when he was in desperate need for gold, but found a supplier in the United States to calm his craving. Still Napoleon remained true to his people and funded new workers for the manufacturing of the needed goods in his own empire. This took long but evened out in the end. Letters were pouring in from bases along the borders, of the captured smugglers trying to get in to the empire and some even trying to leave. But most of the news was coming from the sea ports Napoleon set up along the coast lines of the empire. There were even some attacks on his people in the Baltic sea, who tried to stop the smuggling. But this did not worry Napoleon, it made him happy, he knew they were getting desperate. There was even one reported incident in the United states, of a British ship trying to bring in tea and baked goods from Britain, the ship was seized and the tea and goods taken but not paid for, the smugglers were imprisoned. Napoleon knew that he had to make his allies happy so he did not tariff any of the goods coming out of his empire, in return his allies did...

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