A Short Response On My Remembrance Of How I Began How To Read

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30 November 2004Short Response#2 Draft 3 Learning how to write has got to be one of my worse fears while growing up. Though my slightly older uncle had tried to show me how to read and write, I was not the greatest writer, many of my characters such as r and y were written in the opposite directions. Before I could read words on a page my aunt would interact with the stories through pictures. When reading books the story goes far beyond the words on the page. She would use interpretation and thought that give meaning to the words on the page and I later realized that this was an important part of the reading ...view middle of the document...

In Kindergarten and first grade we had sang songs to the VCR television that had the words on the bottom of the screen, at this age this helped many of us students memorize words and how they were spelt. Which is a useful tool for children at that age while they are still sponges in the memory cells, but we also learned how to sound out words as well. Consistently I when I wrote my characters were put in bold capital letters. As my memory skills had grown to excel my writing did as well as I had stopped using capital letters to write simple words. At this point learning how to write became very important as I was clear to ask how to spell every little word, and if I saw an object such as "tree" I would spell it T-R-E-E. This became very difficult for my mother, aunts and uncles as they had became irritated that I wanted to spell each and every word. In the narrative of this essay, I noticed there are not much differences in how the individual was taught Chinese and how I was taught how to write English. I figure that basically this is the form that helps children retain information by sounds and seeing. She explained that her school was only of 15 in which my school consisted of around 40, which could explain sometimes how extremely bad some of us were able to learn to read and write. Ink was seldom used as we normally used pencils since ink at that age parents are concerned about their children getting ink poison.

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