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A Seperate Peace Characters Essay

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Section Three Assignment Understanding Character and Making Connections There are three important characters in A separate Peace. They are Gene, Finny and Leper. All three of these characters are completely and in every way different, they all represent their own type of person in today's society.Gene Forrester The book starts with Gene Forrester revisiting the campus of his old school, Devon School. Devon School is were Gene spent all his years as a student, but this book focuses and his sixteenth and seventeenth years. The event that is told in this book has had a lasting effect on Gene, which is why he is revisiting his old school. During his visit Gene pay special attention to an old ...view middle of the document...

The personality of Finny is the exact opposite of Gene. Gene is always trying to win Finny's approval. For example when the two go to the beach together and miss an important test Gene did not want to go but Finny said it would be fun. Gene not wanting to lose Finny's respect and goes with him, spending the night sleeping in the sand, and breaking almost every rule in the book.When Gene finally realizes that he can be at all like Finny he can't live with himself. When Finny is standing on the branch above the river, Gene sees his chance to bring his role model down to his level. Shaking the branch and making Finny fall was Gene's way of bring Finny down to his level. Now that there is no one to look up to Gene devotes himself trying to make it up to Finny for the terrible betrayal he committed.By trying to make it up to Finny Gene realizes that he could and can never be like Finny. It is only much later in life that he is able to recognize that man must be himself and assimilate accordingly, and cannot measure himself by the abilities of another person.Phineas (Finny) Finny was a natural-born athlete, who moves with grace in almost every thing he did. Finny would excel at almost every thing he tried. He was never seen to make an awkward move until the unfortunate accident when he fell out of the tree. The action was the first ungraceful act that any one had ever seen him do.Finny is a person who respond tot he immediate...

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