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A Seperate Peace Essay

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Robin Okpara Okpara 1
Yes, he came back from war safely. But, there’s seriously wrong with his head, so he’s pretty much crazy and emotional. John Knowles, A Separate Peace. Throughout the book Leper’s calm and collect and different, but never crazy, but all that changed when he went to the warand didn’t come back the same.
Leper showed his want to go to the army very knowingly to everyone during the story. While all the boys were talking ...view middle of the document...

Leper’s choice to suprisingly run off to the war is completely different than anyone else because not one of the other boys truly wanted to go; they were all probably shakingly scared, but not Leper. This war made him feel needed for something in life it pretty much gave him a true, honest purpose. The war’s influencing by changing his entire course of life, and he didn’t’t even know it yet.
After “escaping” from the war it seemed that something was wrong with Leper; something was very off. The first time that Gene saw Leper since he came back he noticed, “He looked at me, and I noticed the left side of his upper lip once as though he was about to snarlor cry. Then I realized that thois realized that this had nothing to do with his mood, that it was involuntary.”(142). This quote used a very big sense of imagery; it vividly showed how he looked and what he’s doing at that time. The war changed Leper, and at quick glance it probably wasn’t very noticeable, but then when the small things were noticed like his lip oddly twitching for no good reason you could see it. No one just looks like they are about to cry for no sane apparent reason; something or somethings happened to Leper that would make him unconciously almost cry or snarl at Gene. Another point in time when Gene mistankenly started to talk about Brinker; Leper had, “Hoarse, cracking sobs broke from him, another ounce of grief and he would have begun tearing his country store clothes.” (148). The war has influenced Leper so much that the mere name of someone made him visibly breakdown into tears. This being something he would never do its very unusual, just frankly enhancewhat has happened to him. Leper’s entire emotional system’s completely shot, and it’s totally and momentously changed from how he was before.
Okpara 3
When Leper returned from the war he began to openly hate Brinker and what people thought of him, so this showed great behavioral change. While Gene and Leper were walking; Gene brought up Brinker again and Leper got upset saying, “I’d know that batsard if he’d changd into Snow White.” (148). The tone of his voice seems very harsh and angry. Before when he hadn’t gone to war yet he wouldn’t have said this at all. Leper’s calm and he’s never mean, but now everything has changed; he has changed and it’s certainly not fro the best at all. Leper dosen’t seem capable of believably holding such massive hate for Brinker; let alone anyone else yet somehow he does. While Brinker and the boys continuosly interrogated Gene they bring in Leper who begins to telll them what happened during the accident and he gets very defensive when Brinker continuously speaks and keeps...

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