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A Sense Of Belonging Is Integral To The Development Of Identity. Is This Your View? In Your Response, Refer To Core Text And One Additional

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A sense of belonging is integral to the development of one’s identity. However, this is an oversimplification of what constitutes to the development of one’s identity. Both belonging and identity complement one another, thus if one is unable to belong, then their ability to form and relate with their identity is compromised. It is only through finding a sense of identity, that contentment can be achieved, thus, belonging enriched. Within the Shakespeare’s pastoral comedy as you like it, and Fredrick McCubeen’s painting the pioneer, audiences are able to gauge that one cannot develop their identity if they do not belong. It is through the implementation of various literary and visual ...view middle of the document...

The use of prose allows audiences to determine that the two share a relationship with understanding and commitment to one another “I cannot live without her company.” Audiences are invited to reflect on the commitment they share. In celia willing to leave the security of the court to accompany her cousin “to liberty and not to banishment” responders can appreciate the sense of identity they provide one another with, thus, a sense of belonging is provided to celia and Rosalind as a result of their interactions with each other during their time in arden. This then helps to forge their development of identity, which in turn feeds their sense of belonging.
Belonging to family within Fredrick mccubins painting the pioneer, exhibits the ability for the family to fit in with one another, providing all members of the family with a shared sense of identity within the family unit. It is through positive interactions a state of belonging is enriched, and identity is discovered. The use of symbolism as well as vector lines allow audiences to glean that these interactions experienced within the family strengthens their sense of identity and belonging. The symbolist nature of colors used in the second panel shows the family unit to be wearing complementary colours. It is through this that belonging is developed due to the sense of identity shared between one another, symbolized by color. Hence, their ability to belonging to one another creates identity. Vector lines created between the man and the women within panel 2 highlights the reverence given to the women, and her identity as a mother, for her role within the family unit. The use of vector lines allows audiences to reflect on the status held by woman within the family. It is through this identity of the woman that has been developed by a sense of belonging that belonging is enriched, thus identity shaped.
Belonging to community within as you like it ultimately shapes feelings of identity within the exiled characters in the forest. Due to shared feelings of isolation and not belonging, characters are drawn to the forest and away from the court, allowing them to relate to one another, which provides a regained sense of identity. Through the...

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