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A Semester Of Work Essay

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The fall of my nineteenth year promised to be a long one. For the first time in thirteen years I found myself out of school. I was employed at the same mind numbing job that I had held for the last three years. While most of my friends were back in school after their summer break, I was back at home after a year of living in a college dorm. The transition was not an easy one for me, and I looked upon my semester off with little optimism.

The previous fall was one of much more hope and excitement. At the age of eighteen, I was ready for college. I chose to attend State University, not far from my home, but still far removed from my former life, as I was moving away from my parents ...view middle of the document...

My solution? Run away from my problems. This brilliant idea initially manifested itself in a plan to travel the country for a semester. This was concocted late one night with an equally restless and easily carried away friend of mine, by the name of Ivan. We planned to use our fall semesters to drive around the country and, in so doing, hopefully discover something about

the direction of our lives. It is the oldest trick in the book - a journey of discovery, where the journey is emphasized over the destination. While the idea of acting out a cliché appealed to both of us, I quickly realized that this sabbatical would be of little worth. My friend Ivan was obviously considering this more of a joyride than a quest for self awareness. His personality

often leads him to become immediately excited by a plan, relentlessly enact this plan until it is exhausted, and then purposely get nothing out of it. In a sense, he has a tendency to not only "seize the day," but to squeeze it until it is crushed and rendered helpless. Fortunately, he also tends to completely forget about an idea if he hears nothing of it for a while. I decided to use this tendency to my benefit, and dropped the idea entirely.

The second plan for running away spawned from a trip to Charleston, South Carolina over spring break. As one could imagine, by spring break I was completely dismayed with school and my current pointless life. Stuck in a rut, I felt that a vacation would do me good, ignorant as of yet to where this trip would lead. A friend of mine had an acquaintance in Charleston, so we decided to travel there, pleased with the idea of having a free place to stay.

Off we went, myself and two friends, for one of the better vacations I have experienced. I immediately fell in love with the city. We made a friend in Charleston who was able to show us around. The downtown area was great, as were the restaurants, the parks, and most importantly, the C.D. stores. I even enjoyed the beach, which was a great surprise to me, as I normally do not

enjoy such outdoor activities. Lastly, I toured the campus of College of Charleston, where my newfound friend attended school. The campus was beautiful, affecting me in the same way everything else in this town had.

Obviously, by the time I returned home, I was making plans to move toCharleston.

Frightened by the idea of moving there alone, I was able to enlist a couple friends to join me for this adventure. This was easier than one might think, as I fortunately have several friends as shiftless and excitable as I was at the time. My friend Joelip, who was doing poorly at MTSU, was more than ready for a life change. Another friend, a girl by the name of Heather, was graduating high school and had already chosen College of Charleston as one of her

options for after high school. Equipped with my dazzling charm and powers of persuasion, I quickly convinced her to join us. (It helped...

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