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A Round The World Trip Essay

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if it will happen for me to win a trip around the world, it will be the greatest gift that I would receive it in all my life. My big dream is to travel through foreign countries and meet many cultures and traditions that are in this big world.
Before I go in this magnificent journey, probably for a month I'll look into preparing my luggage, I will search the travel diaries and travel journals. At first I'll make a plan, in which I mean all the things that I need to have with me, and these things will be: camera, video camera and laptop. then I'll mean the world map all the wonderful things that I will have to visit. Mostly I want to visit, ancient cities, ...view middle of the document...

I still want to visit all my friends from different countries in this journey. these friends I met via the Internet. first of all I will visit Arthur, a good friend from Humbur, which I've known him to Moscow. He invited me to him often and now probably I could make him happy. Then I will visit John, my best friend, who now lives in Dublin, Ireland. then I would visit my cousins in Italy, which I love very much. They want to visit together, beautiful places in Italy.
Then I will visit my friends in the U.S., Katie in NY, Dia in Boston, Criss in Las Vegas, Olea from Denver, Iuly in Seattle, and my acquaintances Diego and Alex in Argentina. In Africa I have no friends and probably I would make new friends there. Then I will visit my dear classmate Sarah Reem with whom I was in Bucharest at the school, but now she lives in Riyadh in Saudi.
In Japan I have no friends and probably I would learn their language, to befriend with teenagers. Then I will travel to Russia. There I would visit all the families and friends and I'd spend a lot of time there.
When I would get to the point where I started I will be having a lot of souvenirs, a lot of pictures, video and many friends. This would be the most miraculous journey of my life. I'll be the happiest girl on earth because I have a huge stock of knowledge about cultures, traditions, cities, landscapes, from this world. For me this trip will be the most beautiful dream.

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