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A Rough Analysis Of Shakespeares Much Ado

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In William Shakespeare's ' Much Ado About Nothing' how do the relationships between the characters evoke comedy?

The play 'Much Ado About nothing' by William Shakespeare is a classic example of a Shakespearian comedy. There is love and a marriage which are all widely used by Shakespeare in order to evoke different emotions and reactions from the readers. Amongst other potential genres this play has also on many occasions been seen as a problem play due to the minor issues and set-backs the characters have to endure. There are no tragedies in the play and the closest it comes is during the scene where Hero has to be though dead in order to prove her innocence against the allegations being ...view middle of the document...

The setting plays a very important role in the portrayal of the relationships as it is set in a small place called Messina, it is a beautiful landscape, that could represent the relationship of Beatrice and Benedick. The constant references to the battle that has just been fought could also be a representation of said relationship, for the fact that the fighting is stopping what might be to come ,just like the continuous arguments between Beatrice and Benedick are preventing what may be a beautiful relationship if they could see past their differences. At the masquerade we see the conflict between Beatrice and Benedick when Benedick tries to be discreet so as Beatrice doesn't recognise him, he fails miserably but is unaware of the fact and proceeds to continue a conversation with a reluctant Beatrice. "Why he is the princes jester, a very dull fool." The fact that Beatrice insults him so openly to his face whilst knowing who he is suggests she is a very dominant and confident character which is later proved throughout.
The main relationship that the play focuses on is that of Beatrice and Benedick. These two characters have a very dominant storyline because from what they say and do the readers can tell there is an underlying plot involving these two. In the very first scene we can see there is clear conflict between them before they have even had a conversation when Beatrice refers to Benedick as "Signor Mountanto" implying that he is arrogant and self centred. Comments like this are often passed between these two characters in a representation of what is referred to as their "Merry war of wits." The only ways Beatrice and Benedick are able to communicate is by talking in person and are therefore unable to spend anytime getting to know each other so some of their earlier arguments could have been due to misinterpretation.
The theme of deceit is used by Hero and Margaret in an attempt to convince Beatrice that Benedick is madly in love with her. They do this by taking a stroll in and around the gardens, a place they know Beatrice often frequents whilst talking about how Benedick has apparently confessed his undying love. " And Benedick, love on. I will requite thee.." It is clearly shown here that Beatrice reciprocates these feelings, true or not, as she seems elated at the discovery of the news. We see a similar reaction from Benedick in a situation much the same. He at first questions the reality of it and then accepts it as he realises he feels the same way. "When I said I would die a bachelor I did not think I would live till I were married." This is the point where we see the relationship between these two characters change as they both start to behave more civilly to each other and Benedick even goes a s far as to compliment Beatrice when she is sent out to fetch him " Fair Beatrice, I thank you for your pains." The moment that Beatrice and Benedick actually confess their love is the moment that nothing can go wrong anymore, if they...

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