A Rod: The Worst Role Model Of Our Time

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Jacob Cortez
English 1302-76003
July 14, 2014

Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez: The Worst Role Model of Our Time

On August 8, 2013, the New York Yankees’ third baseman and three-time MVP Alex Rodriguez, was suspended for the length of the 2014 season (211 games). The Major League Baseball Association released a statement stating that Rodriguez’s suspension was for “his use and possession of numerous forms of prohibited performance-enhancing substances, including testosterone and human growth hormone over the course of multiple years” (Eisen). A-Rod has been in his share of trouble with the League for accusation of biogenesis, but this time around he is claiming innocence. ...view middle of the document...

Drama and relationship issues seem to follow people in the spotlight, which should push celebrities to always stay faithful within their relationships and omit all promiscuity from their lives to set an example. Alex Rodriguez managed to diminish himself in this respect as well. In July 2008, Rodriguez’s now ex-wife Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce on her husband of 6 years. “In the divorce petition, Cynthia's attorneys write, ‘Alex has emotionally abandoned his wife and children, and has left her with no choice but to divorce him.’ The petition goes on to state that the marriage is ‘irretrievably broken because of the husband’s extramarital affairs and other marital misconduct’” (Davis, Morrissey). At the time, Rodriguez’s 2 children Natasha (3 yrs.) and Ella (3 mos.) were amidst all the controversy. Cynthia was named primary residential parent with shared custody of Natasha and Ella. At the time of the divorce, Rodriguez was 34 years of age; a 34-year-old man with 2 daughters should be trying to set an example of what kind of man needs to be in his daughters’ lives in the future. The MVP again expressed how little he cared about the people around him, and that himself and his money are all that truly matter.
Issues with performance enhancement drugs have always been one of the biggest controversies in the MLB. A true role model and MVP should be able to say that they have never abused any of these substances. Rodriguez, to say the least, is far from innocent. In 2009, Rodriguez’s usage was exposed, and he admitted to the use of steroids during his MVP seasons (2001-03) with the Texas Rangers. Although once viewed as the exception to the MLB’s steroid era, “A-Fraud” managed to get caught in his web of lies, and was forced to admit to his usage. “The man once considered the clean exception of the steroid generation...

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