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A River Of Neon Lights Essay

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In the first stanza of Keith Urban’s “Days Go By” he gives the feeling of speed and moving fast. As he gives us the feeling of things flying by as he is only sitting there letting it happen? Growing up we all have the want for time to fly. As teenagers we want the sweet sixteen birthday party as soon as possible. As adults we want that rowdy twenty first birthday night years ahead of time and so on and so on. We lose our patients and don’t care how much time passes and how many Kodak moments we let go unnoticed while looking forward to that one sweet moment in time to come. The key symbols of this song reinforce its main theme: time flies by, but we need to enjoy and appreciate it as it does.
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Keith says he realized how fast we are moving though life when he was sitting on his roof “watching the cars go by”. He then goes on the compare our lives to a “river of neon lights” once again comparing it to cars speeding on the road. He means by all this that sometime the only way we can realize how fast we are moving through life is just by sitting back and watching everyone else carelessly move through time. He ends this stanza by saying “But somewhere in the rush I felt we’re losing ourselves”.
The song “Days Go By” could also be interpreted to something else other that life itself, but also as to enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. I think this from when he says “Take 'em by the hand; don’t let 'em all fly by!” No one ever knows truly how long they have left with a friend or family member. This song is telling is to take advantage of every second we share with your loved ones and to not take it for granted. There are many different means that you could take out of this song but I believe that they all generally point to the same overall meaning. To not rush through life and enjoy it as you go with the ones you have with you.
There is such a thing as patience and Keith Urban tries to emphasis this in his song “Days Go By”. He tries to show us that we need to slow down and enjoy life as it goes for life is short and we only get one try at it. I believe this is an important lesson because we all are going to have things in like that we wish we would have enjoyed more, but we can limit or cut down on those missed moments just by slowing down and enjoying everything is it comes. The point to this song, I think, can apply to just about everyone in or another. Whether it is in life in general or with the time you have let with a loved one.

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