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A Risk Analysis For Information Security And Infrastrucure Protection

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A Risk Analysis for Information Security and Infrastructure Protection

Special Topics in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Columbia Southern University

January 03, 2012

A Risk Analysis for Information Security and Infrastructure Protection


The sole purpose for performing a risk analysis for IT systems is to ensure businesses and or organizations, whether small or large to accomplish its missions by better securing the IT systems that store, process, or transmit organizational information. The primary function of risk analysis is to identify and correct the vulnerabilities and threats of an IT system. It enables management to make ...view middle of the document...

The IT system and application programmers develop and maintain code that could affect system and data integrity. Clearly, IT must have quality assurance personnel for testing and auditing of the system, to ensuring system integrity. In conclusion external IT consultants will be required to perform periodic checks of internal IT systems to detect any violations or security breach.

As discussed in Taylor et al 2011, p293-295 three significant aspects of risk analysis were expound on, which includes assessment and evaluation, threats and cost-effective security measures.

Assessment and evaluation

This important first step is essential in identifying and evaluating the potential risks or developing an effective plan for implementation. It is paramount that an organization focus on internal and external measures when assess vulnerabilities and threats. However, studies show that most losses of information come from inside the organization and through relatively simple security failures of existing information systems and networks. It is crucial that an assessment plan must include an evaluation of the organizational, managerial, and administrative procedures that are relevant to IT systems (Taylor et al 2011, p.293). Therefore, it is clear that an assessment and evaluation plan must be well thought out and covers information relating to acquisition and purchasing of future IT equipment. It should include strategy for explaining information security parameters as the system grows and changes. It must also address the need of minimizing any complexities of the IT system. As well as, simplify IT policies and procedures thereby reducing the enormity of the process, so it can be more user friendly that managers and directors can comprehend it. The ultimate goal is to improve the culture within any organization about the importance of IT and reinforce security and protocol awareness. Training to improve security and eliminate security breach must be common practice. Assessment and evaluation of risk analysis should also be submitted to external reviews to ensure that internally, IT supervisors are not violating their own system (Taylor et al 2011, 294). This method fosters check and balance concept.


The second important aspect of risk analysis is to identify the threats facing an organization. The single largest threat to an organization and its information security comes from within (Taylor et al 2011, p.294). These key individuals may intentionally steal information or corrupt files which result in millions of dollars in loss to that organization. Internal threats may result in organization information being accessed, altered, stolen or sabotaged. When this occur there is very little that can be done to eliminate internal threats. Whereas, external threats can include espionage, sabotage, terrorism and criminal theft. These threats are more likely to be identified. For this paper, great emphasis is placed on vulnerabilities of...

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