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A Review Of Three Analytical Articles

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Review of Three Business Analytical Articles
Kevin Johnson
Grand Canyon University: MGT-820-O101 Using Business Analytics for Competitive Advantage
November 26, 2014

The intent of this paper is to provide doctoral learners an opportunity to analyze three articles of literature as it correlates to the principles of business analytics. This doctoral learner chose the following three articles to review: A New Business Dimension – Business Analytics by Pavel Năstase and Dragos Stoica, The Collaborate / Integrate Business Technology Strategy by Stephen J. Andriole, and Evolving From Information to Insight by Glover Ferguson, Sanjay Mathur and Baiju Shah.
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Dr. Dragos Stoica, Ph.D. is currently a consulting professor and a Ph.D. coordinator within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Dr. Stoica has authored more 13 books, a minimum of 15 syntheses and monographs, at least 30 journal articles and has participated in 45 conferences throughout Romania and out of the country. For his activities Professor Stoica has received many diplomas for his teaching and arduous research activities.
An Analysis of the Article that can be Utilized within an Organization
The significance of business can be assessed through its progression of closing the discrepancy amongst the requirements of the business manager and the availability and practically analytics. As an attempt to cause analytics to have increase relevance and palpable to the business manager, the results are being centered on the precise intelligence applications and adapting the outcomes towards the targeted customers, therefore making them coherent and insightful for its users (Năstase and Stoica, 2011). To enhance the utilization of analytics, uncomplicated and efficient positioning and ideal pricing, they are being inserted into sizeable systems. Therefore, questions considering collection of data, the storage of the data, and the processing of precise analytics are gradually deliberated significant issues in design of the system as a whole. Năstase and Stoica (2011) suggest that to increase the success of analytics within organizational procedures, solutions and outcomes must transpire in a manner that goes beyond the customer’s usage, attaining surreptitiously usages in marketing, the supply chain, optimal pricing, analysis of the work and sales force. However, to ensure the attainment of the greatest value and effect, analytics solutions are being utilized at a growing at a rate due to their ability to make outcomes actionable and quantifiable of altering crucial elements (Năstase and Stoica, 2011).

The Collaborate / Integrate Business Technology Strategy
By Stephen J. Andriole

This article discussed the significance of today’s business leaders to focus on the future of business collaboration and how the success of technology could be incorporated within the organization prior to the investment of the technological equipment. Andriole (2005) views the Collaborative Business Modeling and the incorporation of technology as the two strategic business technology investment priorities for organizations. He describes the modeling of optimization, transaction trust, automation, supply chain management, customization, and personalization as the Collaborative Business Modeling. Also, he saw the integration of technology as the method of sustaining the collaborative business modeling (Andriole, 2005).
The primary audience of this article is business executives and decision makers of organizations.
A Brief Background of the Author
Dr. Stephen J. Andriole is currently a Professor of Business Technology at the Villanova University...

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