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A Review Of The Soul Catcher

1891 words - 8 pages

The TransmissionThis story is horrific. People coming to your home and taking you away to a far off country. You would think that the slaves would be worth enough money for them to give them adequate living conditions, so they could at least survive the trip to the new land. These blacks would be slaves and could be sold for huge amounts of money. The crew of the ship must have lost enormous amounts of potential money in their own negligence.I found it very interesting in this story how the white people were referred to as phantoms. This fit because the white people looked like ghosts in comparison to the blacks, and the evil deeds that they were committing. When Malawi lost his brother one ...view middle of the document...

Phillis other than being a slave is a excellent poet. Phillis and her master are like best friends talking and Phillis is even thanking her master for bringing her to America from Senegal.Phillis being an accomplished poet sent a poem to Washington that was responded. This is great to believe in a time of such evil in society that George Washington could send such a letter to a slave. George Washington felt indebted just for reading her excellent work. The response in his letter gave both master and slave a huge feeling of happiness at the fact that a man of such stature did not see in black and white.A Soldier for the CrownThis story was one of my favorite for the strong depiction of the black heart. Two brothers ran away from their slave lives to fight against the society that had enslaved them for their entire lives. These men were not afraid to fight for what they believed in and give their lives for it. There was always the hope that if they fought long and hard enough one day they would get a paper, as their ticket to a new life.They knew they were running away from everything they knew because they felt it was wrong. They were not afraid to go to England even though they didn't know how to make a living as free men. Bullets and cannon balls would only send them to eternal happiness so they had nothing to lose. They gave everything so they could start over with nothing.Martha's DilemmaThis is a very interesting story about a good willed deed going wrong. Washington in the best interests freed his slaves in his will after both he and Martha died. Washington was a good man and wanted to right the wrongs that he had done through slavery. He didn't have a clue that it could have a negative effect on the life of his widowed wife.Martha had been driven to be paranoid of the black slaves. After Washington's death the slaves looked at Martha funny. Martha was also a good person but she freed the slaves more out of paranoia then from a moral aspect. She fully intended on freeing her slaves on her death but in regard for her life she set them free before her death.The PlagueTo the blacks this was a opportunity to have the white people appreciate the blacks effort to help them. However the people were still to stubborn to admit that the blacks were even helpful. One woman would rather die then be helped by a black person. Theses people bordered on psychotic. The general view of the blacks was that they were immune to the disease and that they helped to bring it.The pattern held true with this city that most of the white people loathed the blacks. While a few people like the good doctor did not see in black and white just saw the people. Good people or bad people either way. He was what instilled hope in the black peoples hearts. This proved that some plagues cannot be cured.A Report from St. DomingueThis is a very interesting story of the tables being turned on a white man. He had always looked down on the blacks from a position of power but now he...

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