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A Review Of The Issues Surrounding Internet Censorship And Cross National Information Conflict

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This paper provides a brief review of the government censorship over internet, which is turning into a national dilemma as well as the cross-national conflict which affect the global businesses. Nowadays, internet censorship is widely accepted standard regulation that controls any information available on the internet and by using filtering tools to prevent people from accessing materials that are considered to be inappropriate. While government support the use of internet censorship as a protection of public security and defines the ‘inappropriate material’ to determine what people can view on the internet, others argue that it is simply a tool to take away people from their own ...view middle of the document...

As internet activity expands worldwide, most countries around the world recognize that internet censorship is necessary for the protection of people and even public security. Internet censorship can be defined as the control of the publishing or accessing of information on the internet (Hamade 2008; Liang & Lu 2010). For example, censorship occurs when the particular audiences are restricted to access online information, based on their characteristics. In order to restrict internet access, a government may use internet filtering technologies and regulations and at the same time the censorship benefits the life of people and individual nations (Simpson 2008).

In the modern information age, most people see the internet as a double-edged sword (Liang & Lu 2010). As new purpose for using the internet rapidly emerge, internet technology has become an important tool not only for research and communication but also necessary for individual nations to stay competitive and to promote development (Edwards 2010; Hamade 2008). On the other hand, with this internet development comes the rapid spread of human vices by providing access to inappropriate materials. For instance, nations like Australia, China and UK that wish to control the exchange of information and the desire to advance technologically is tempered by the desire to maintain censorship powers (Simpson 2008; Edwards 2010). As a result, many different reasons such as public security, religious and social, and international cooperation issues have raised different views from the government in internet censorship. Moreover, globalization and the rapid growth of internet based businesses add another layer of complexity and controversies to this issue by creating a new type of conflict which can be stated as a cross-national conflict (Zheng 2007). This new conflict constitutes a huge dilemma that neither technology nor censorship could stand without each considering the other (Ang & Nadarajan 1996).

The purpose of this review is to examine the censorship of the internet from a global perspective and to explore the nature of cross-national conflict regarding access to information. Chapter two presents the nature of the internet and the various methods to control internet. Chapter three addresses the different views of internet censorship from the various groups in different countries. Chapter four discuses the nature of cross-national conflict and the insight of its problems by giving the example of Google in China.

2. The nature of internet development and censorship

In the development of internet technology, many issues have emerged regarding the method of internet control. This nature of internet development and the various technologies to control over the internet will be explained in this section.

2.1The history and nature of internet development

The internet is an international technology with no limitations and centralized control over the online information. The Internet has...

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