A Review Of " Did The Players Give Up Money To Make The Nba Better?

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A Review of " Did the Players Give Up Money to Make the NBA Better? Exploring the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement in the National Basketball Association"
Xiao Chen
Johnson & Wales University

A Review of " Did the Players Give Up Money to Make the NBA Better? Exploring the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement in the National Basketball Association"
It's a long but clear title; and I use two whole lines to write it. I'm a basketball fan. When I planned to find a prime resource to read and write about it, I'm aware of some researches or business events involving my interest and business, so I chose this article. After reading the whole essay, I felt perplexed because it ...view middle of the document...

And then he talks about the financial origins of the 2011 labor dispute. Based on the old agreement, the NBA league lost money in every year from 2005 to 2011.The owners claim it's not fair enough. The owners win; and the money will be transfer from the players to the owners. At this part, the author explains that it's hard to find evidence such as a luxury tax, salary cap, or a payroll cap to impact competitive balance. After describing the basic details of the new agreement. The author starts to analyze the league's goal of the new agreement that is to narrow the gap between large and small market teams. By using some data and example of LeBron James, the author perorate that the new argument is able to transfer additional revenue money from large-market to small-market teams, but it won't prevent stars from being willing to play in larger markets. Less salary may lead players get "a free pass" for too long.
The data in this research is not from author's questionnaire, but maybe from the sports associations. These kinds of data are vast and various. How can they help for this article? This is the author's work. When the author talks about labor disputes in North American Sports in the past three decades, he makes a table and show the exact year, event and games lost for each strike or lockout. It's a visual way to let me realize they have become commonplace.
When the author says that the new argument may be not as good as thought. It's hard to prove because there's less evidence such as a luxury tax, salary cap. The author uses Actual Salary vs. Expected Salary in Wins...

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