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One of the greatest American short stories ever written is “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall”, written by Katie Porter in the year 1930. An interesting critic claims to reveal the flatness of Porter’s story. He states that “the story is not interesting enough and that the story does not have any plot because nothing really happens.” Unfortunately, the critic fails to realize the true essence of the story where illusion and reality in Granny’s mind play a major part in the story. Contrary to the critic’s arguments, “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” has a profound plot and theme where Granny’s internal conflict touches every reader’s emotions. In addition, the story presents the ...view middle of the document...

She continuously suppresses her emotions through working so as not to deal with the pain she is suffering. In the story, the narrator keeps on referring to the significant people in Granny’s life based on her memory. The author brings us closer to Granny’s way of thinking so that we can understand the feelings attached to every event.

Like other short stories, the theme is complex. The critic obviously does not see the theme of the story because he focuses on the situation that happened on her deathbed. The critic considers the story as just about a dying old lady lying in bed. But if read carefully, the protagonist’s life comes into focus as she struggles to find peace of mind and happiness. The theme is reflected even in every little details and casual dialogues.
Illusion and reality are the major themes of the story where “light” represents her real feeling of pain that did not leave her for sixty years (TJGW). From Granny’s thoughts, “hide the light, sleeping in the light gave me nightmare”s (Porter, 1033) proves that she is afraid to reveal and admit the pain she still feels. Granny remembers when the light was out “her children hurdled up to her and breathed like calves…until she lighted the lamps, they move away from her” (Porter, 1032). Granny assumes that admitting her pain will drive her children away so she pretends to be strong. She preoccupies herself by working hard to conceal the pain. After remembering the tragedy with George, Granny is still in denial which is reflected in her statement: “I swear, he had never harmed me but in that” (Porter, 1033). She continuously conceals the truth from others and from herself because she is not ready to accept the unpleasant truth about being jilted. As a result, Granny could not find “Hapsy”, which represents her happiness and peace of mind. From the story, one can learn that you can fool the world but you cannot fool yourself from your true emotions.
The critic comments that the story is not interesting enough, but quite the opposite is true as the story progresses to climax. Towards the end of the story, Granny faced the “light” and feels strongly that she will see Hapsy again. Granny finally exposes her wounded feelings and broken heartedness by asking Cornelia “to find George and tell him that Granny had forgotten him” (Porter,1034). But the truth is that she never did and she knows it. Granny never spoke about George in front of her children before but somehow, exposing her feelings gives her freedom within. The revelation opens the door towards Granny’s peace of mind and happiness. She finally realizes her inner peace. Metaphorically, “she lives for forty years with kerosene lamps to appreciate honest electricity” (Porter, 1035). Granny’s attitude changes when “she feels very strong and she see Doctor Harry with a rosy nimbus around him” (Porter, 1035). Revelation of the truth sets her free and prepares her to see Hapsy. Granny even imagines giving...

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