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A Research Proposal On Mpact Of Rural Banking On Farmers In Bangladesh

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(Md. ibrahim kholilullah,Agricultural Economics and Business Studies, sylhet Agricultural University,Bangladesh; phone: 01718996557)
Bangladesh is an agro-based country, essentially are endeavoring for rapid development of the country. More or less 80 percent people directly or in directly depend on agriculture for their occupation .But it is a matter of great sorrow that farmers of our country get less facility in agricultural inputs especially agricultural credit. Due to the lack of credit at proper time they cannot produce crops at proper efficiency. So the responsibility of rural ...view middle of the document...

Lets have a short trip about rural banking.
Rural banking is the process of conducting banking transactions out in the country where bank branches are too far away to be of use. Rural banking is popular for very small towns and farmers who live far away from areas of larger population and cannot make the drive to these locations whenever they need to use banking services. Typically, an agent of the bank will visit these rural locations and offer to make transactions in an official capacity. Rural banking is a common practice in places where banking institutions are few and far between and people who need to carry out banking transactions may have difficulty finding a way to do so. With modern technology, more and more people have access to online systems that allow them to conduct certain types of banking without a nearby branch, but this technology is not available for everyone, and demand for rural banking is still high in some areas (Sathyajith S Kumar)1 .
According to Moshi conference(1969), the purpose of rural development is “a rise in the standard of living and favorable changes in the way life of the people concerned”. However, there is some anecdotal evidence that many beneficiaries of rural bank credit are salaried workers, whose likelihood of loan repayment is believed to be better than that of the small scale rural producers. There is also some evidence that loan repayments use the credit for purposes other than those for which the loans are intended. Much analysis have not been done on the effectiveness or impact of Bangladeshi rural bank on rural farmers. So I think this type of research is very important for our agriculture and farmers.

As Bangladesh is an agro-based -country , agricultural sector and farmers can play an important role for economic development . Study on agriculture and on farmers are necessary for the development of this sector. More or less 80 percent people directly or in directly depend on agriculture for their occupation . A major part of our GDP comes fron agriculture. So, productivity in agricultural production should be increase for the national development. But no systematic study so far has been conducted on this topic sector. Since bank is an financial institution, it should be establish in rural areas to serve rural farmers. As a profit making organization banks fear to establish their branch at rural areas. But it has been that rural banking is indispensable if the nation is to develop its rural area will development of one’s rural area may not be realized it the serious of commercial banks are not at the reach of our rural dwellers. That’s why production possibility of our country is hampered. Again , our country is not so far advanced in the research on agriculture as compared to other developed countries. As a result farmers of our country is in backward position. My proposal will give importance to the impact of rural...

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