A Report On Corporate Social Responsibility Of Qatar Airways

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The purpose of this report is to identify , evaluate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs of Qatar Airways and study the impact of such programs on the society and environment.
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1. Introduction ………………………… …………………………………………..2
2. Definition of corporate social responsibility (CSR) …………………………….3
3. Corporate Social Responsibilities of Qatar airways …………………………….3
I. Philanthropic Responsibilities…………………………………. ………….3-4
II. Environmental Responsibilities……………………………………………..4-5
4. Analysis and Suggestions………………………………………………….……..5-6
5. Reference List…………………. ……………………………………………..….7

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 The World Business Council for Sustainable Development,1999 definition of CSR:
Corporate social responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the community and society at large.
 Business for Social Responsibility, 2000
Business decision making linked to ethical values, compliance with legal requirements and respect for people, communities and the environment.
 Ethics in Action Awards, 2003
CSR is a term describing a company’s obligation to be accountable to all of its stakeholders in all its operations and activities. Socially responsible companies consider the full scope of their impact on communities and the environment when making decisions, balancing the needs of stakeholders with their need to make a profit.
 Global Corporate Social Responsibility Policies Project, 2003
Global corporate social responsibility can be defined as business practices based on ethical values and respect for workers, communities and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibilities of Qatar airways
I. Philanthropic Responsibilities
Qatar Airways is engaged a various social commitments. It has significant contributions towards a number of social projects internally and externally. The following are some this projects :
1. Qatar Airways invited 100 children from the Qatar Orphan Foundation “Dhreima” on a specially organized 20-minute flight over Qatar.
2. Qatar Airways and “Shafallah” Center For Children With Special Needs have announced a partnership to promote global awareness of autism. it is also working with the Shafallah Center to train its cabin crew in disability awareness.
3. Qatar Airways and the Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning organized the 9th National Green & Clean Qatar Campaign as a part of “The Oryx Flies Green” program.
4. Contributing to the Dream and Promise Awards Benefits of the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation took place on May 2009 by funding toll-free telephone support and information groups that provide a critical lifeline to parents of newly-diagnosed children and newly-diagnosed teens facing barriers to treatment and/or insurance issues.
5. Supporting the Best Buddies International Program. Qatar Airways' employees in around the world give their time to partner with intellectual disabilities to prepare them to enter the workforce. Qatar Airways Also planning to help some of them to find jobs.
6. Qatar Airways made a donation to the China Youth Development Fund to help China's Sichuan province after the earthquake which occurred in 2008. This fund used to educate children of two schools in Sichuan.
7. Qatar Airways has donated $450,000 in 2008 to Reach Out to Asia “ROTA” to provide quality primary education to poor youth.

II. Environmental Responsibilities
Qatar Airways is made huge efforts to improve environmental performance across their business activities...

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