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A Reformation Reader Essay

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A reformation reader is a book edited by Denis Janz in which he brings lesser known documents and figures to luminosity. Janz makes the context reformation clearer by including the pre-Reformation Catholic sentiments authors and discussing about the Counter Reformation and the Catholic Council of Trent. He brings up different scholarly arguments on how to interpret the Reformation. Janz tries us much as he can to stay neutral and give explanations on what the questions are. He therefore, provides documents that hold the ability to place challenges on both viewpoints and supports a study of the texts themselves. In his book, Janz includes opinions explaining the significance ...view middle of the document...

There are very many significant historical figures that have in a way made a suggestible and stirring movement that transformed and still affects people till today. Martin Luther was a freedom fighter to some and an apostate, profane ecclesiastical terrorist and heretic to others. Still, others would see him as a necessary evil and an unwitting catalyst that set ablaze a volatile community and ecclesiastical circumstance. Luther, on the other hand saw himself as simple Christian or monk whose marveled uncomplicated stand of scruples had made him among the most speaking of people during his moments. This simple stand of scruples began an ecclesiastic wave of shock that transformed the course of western history. He had certain form of authority and contained distinctive forces that forced the majority of the Roman Catholic Church to listen to his words and reform.

Luther was peevish, temperamental, argumental, egomaniacal and his single mindedness, and enormous self confidence was a good lesson for people to think for themselves. He also strongly believed in the rightness of his argument and protested on the employment of indulgences that forgave a person’s sin, which was given by the people. Many ideas and actions from Luther made him a turn in to a lightning rod for transformation in religion and culture in Europe during the Renaissance. Not many individuals of his age could say that they personally changed the route of western development with religion and in fact, made a difference in the universe. Luther’s numerous unappealing personalities assisted him on his journey to demonstrate to the people of Europe the corruption among the churches and influential authority the church held over them. He was no image of perfection in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church and of the majority of Europe.

However, he possessed some unique ideas and facts about the Roman Catholic Church he ultimately overthrew and destroyed the church and the rest of its followers and revealed to them the truth about their administration. Martin Luther wrote a number of inspirational works before the ninety theses for instance, the sermon on good works. He argued that only faith could benefit the soul and not the good works. After writing this, things went from bad worse when Pope Leo declared forty one articles of martin Luther’s teaching as heretical and his books were therefore, burned publicly in Rome. After the tragedy, he became more fervent in his attempt to reform the church. Luther was only one of the many who happened to be critical to the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, his power of ideas and the massive influence of his writings made him to be considered as the initiator of the reformation.

He gained a vast following which also had been annoyed by unbridled church corruption and unfulfilling by mechanistic religious services. It is significant to still talk about this great leader today since he was a most influential inspiration on the universe...

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