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A Reflection On Henry Wadsworth's Poem, "Rain In Summer"

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Rain in Summer is a short poem about all the joy and comforts the rain brings. It begins by simply stating how beautiful the rain really is; everything seems to become more alive and vibrant in nature. It can make something as ugly as dull and dirty streets seem to glisten with beauty. The way the rain flows reminds the author of animals scurrying freely. It clatters on rooftops and gushes in drainpipes trying desperately to push through.The pouring rain flows as swift and mighty as a raging river, but is always welcome. It has a mysterious power to soothe even the sickliest souls as it twists and ...view middle of the document...

Just the smell of the rain only gives them joy and inspiration to toil on. The look in their eyes says thanks to God more effectively than any humanly spoken thank you.And as the rain beats on the farmer's crops, to the point of bending, he takes a moment to soak it all in, and in that, he sees it as no great loss. The author then sticks himself in the poem saying that only someone as open-minded as a poet can see all the beauty the rain brings. It dances freely amongst the clouds and over the abounding fields.Nevertheless, the farmer begins scattering his grain as if everything is just as it should be. For he and he alone knows of the rain and where it's been, how it travels everywhere from deep chasms to over gravesites. Eventually making its way back where it came from...Heaven. And once it's gone, its remnants can be seen along bridges, in brilliant colors.The author concludes by comparing the river to time itself. Starting from birth, it flows into death, but not before it leads a beautiful, colorful life. And being so, the river, which came from Heaven and flowed on Earth, reveals the Universe and that entire God has to offer us.Rain in Summer is a beautiful poem. The rain seems almost holy, as it eases people's pain and answers their deepest prayers. The way the author gave life to the rain made me want to live in the town that he was writing of.

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