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A Reason For Hope Essay

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Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey

By: Jane Goodall

Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey was a truly inspiring story about a true legend. From the very beginning, Jane Goodall was a woman who had a dream and with the support of her mother and Louis Leakey she was able to live out all of the fantasies she had envisioned from an early age. Unlike most famous conversationalists, Jane grew up in a less than supportive family during a major world war. However, with the constant encouragement from her mother, Jane was able to make her dreams come true. Her journey was one that everyone should be inspired by.

Jane Goodall was born April 3, 1934. Naturally, Jane was a ...view middle of the document...

” Since Jane didn’t write this book as a young girl, it shows how deeply she was affected by the war. So deep in fact that she specifically remembers the days as the war got closer to her home. Jane’s adolescent understanding of what was happening in the war is what (I believe) further pushed her love of animals. She wished to get away from the hatred and destructive ways of man.

During most of Jane’s youth, she lived a simple life. However, she always held close to her love of nature. It wasn’t until Jane turned twenty-three that her life changed forever. An old high school friend she had named Marie Claude Mange had sent her a letter from Africa inviting Jane to come and spent some time on her family’s farm in Kenya. Of course Jane was ecstatic. Once in Africa, Jane’s desire to study animals had never been stronger. This yearning is what led her to Louis Leakey. From their first meeting, Jane and Louis were a match. As a result, Louis hired her as his personal secretary.

As time went on, Louis and Jane grew closer through the numerous adventures they experienced. Louis began talk of studying chimpanzees. At first Jane thought nothing of it but Louis began to frequently mention studying these animals in the wild. One day Jane blurted that she wanted to participate in this research. Even though she hadn’t initially meant to say this, Louis was overjoyed. He said, “I’ve been waiting for you to tell me that. Why on earth do you think I...

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