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A Rabbit Named Roger Essay

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A Rabbit Named Roger:
A Critique of Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Sherdava Lopez-Sandoval
Introduction to Film
Professor Cicely Denean Cobb
September 22, 2013

A Rabbit Named Roger: A Critique of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The American Author, Gary K. Wolf, wrote the novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit in 1981. It was written a little over 30 years ago. This novel is about a world where cartoon characters and humans live together and directly interact with one another. In 1981, Walt Disney bought the film rights to the novel. Two screenplay writers, Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman were hired to work their magic. Eight years later in 1988 the American ...view middle of the document...

Eddie must figure out who would want Marvin Acme dead and why in order to clear Roger’s name. The missing link seemed to be his will. So Eddy and Roger go on the hunt for the will and the rest of the puzzle pieces. By the end of the movie they end up in ToonTown, where everything finally comes to a head. Judge Doom reveals that he was behind it all. He wanted and needed the ownership of Towntown so he could wipe all the toons out to make room for the “freeway”. In a shocking twist, he himself was a toon, and not just any toon, he was the toon that killed Eddy’s brother. Needless to say, Eddy used the “dip” intended to wipe out ToonTown to kill Judge Doom and save Roger and the other toons. During the celebration at the end, it was revealed that Roger had unknowingly had the will the whole time. TownTown and his marriage were saved!
Although Who Framed Roger Rabbit was an adaptation from the novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit, the writers changed quite a bit when writing the movie script. In the book, it was present day time and it was set in a weird universe as opposed to being set in the 1940s and being set in LA and Towntown. Also in the book, Roger was actually killed and his ghost or a duplicate of himself works with the detective to solve his murder. There was only one line from the whole entire book that was reused, “I’ve got a 50-year-old lust and a 3-year-old dinky,” The writers changed to plot significantly to make the film flow better and to write an award winning script.
Bob Hoskins was cast for the role of Eddy Valiant, the toon hating private investigator with a drinking problem. The producer’s first choice for the part was Harrison Ford. Ford had his price set just a tad bit too high. Bob Hoskins wasn’t their second choice either, but Bill Murray was the second choice. However, the way he had things set up, he couldn’t be reached and he lost his chance. So Bob Hoskins played the role, winning him The Evening Standard British Film Award for Best Actor and being nominated for several others.
Since Roger Rabbit was a toon, and hence was animated, Charles Fleischer does the voice for the famous toon that works for Marvin Acme. Charles Fleischer was a standup comedian and the director Robert Zemeckis saw him perform his act in 1986. Needless to say that he was called in to audition with the other actors and got the part. Too really feel “at one” with his character and to help his partner, Bob Hoskins out, he dressed in a homemade rabbit suit, off camera of course. Roger was not the only character Charles did voices for. Psycho and Greasy from the Weasel Gang voices were also provided by Charles. Although Lou Hirsch, the voice of Baby Herman, was originally casted to do the voice of Benny the Cab, it was later reassigned to Charles Fleischer.
The diabolical Judge Doom, the evil heartless judge of TownTown was played by Christopher Lloyd. Lloyd was picked because of a previous working relationship with...

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