A Psychological Perspective: Why We Change The Way We Act

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A Psychological Perspective: Why We Change the Way We Act

Changes in our life may produce attitudes which are then manifested in our behavior. Change is a necessary part of living, to develop as a person we must accept and experience change in a productive manner. Change affects all areas of our lives, from the people with whom we interact, to the places we go, to the clothes we wear each day. We all change over; no one remains the same person all the time. We change in response to the environment and circumstances we surround ourselves with, and to the experiences we encounter throughout our lives. “Changes in our life circumstances may trigger different changes in our attitudes ...view middle of the document...

Behavior Changes Depending on Environments and Circumstances
“Social cognition refers to the processes by which people make sense of themselves, others, social interactions, and relationships” (Kowalski & Westen, 2013, Chapter Chapters 16). Stereotypes, Prejudice, racism these all are a direct result of a person’s perceptions and accepted attitudes. Stereotypes are characteristics attributed to people based on their membership in groups. Prejudice means judging people based on (usually negative) stereotypes. “An attitude is an association between an act or object and an evaluation” (Kowalski & Westen, 2013, Chapter Chapters 16 and 17). Attitudes can vary from person to person and from event to event. Attitudes hold a large influence over behavior. The stronger the attitude the stronger it’s influence on behavior. Discussion of Individuality and Attitude always lead to the discussion of self and the establishment of self. According to Kowalski and Westen “the self is one of the most researched topics in social psychology today. Particular attention has been devoted to people’s attempts to maintain and enhance their self-esteem (the need to view oneself positively) through such behaviors as downward social comparison, self-handicapping, implicit egotism, and basking in reflected glory” (Kowalski & Westen, 2013, Chapter 17). In the evaluation of behavior and the components that influence behavior we have to evaluate each of the above and how they affect an individual and the society and culture that individual is a part of. For example, an attitude toward sexuality will with it bring a whole host of behaviors that are acceptable and unacceptable in given circumstances. In America we accept the sensuality of both sexes and of objects as a positive and often time extension of who we are. This is exhibited in style of clothing, mode of dress, selection of décor and in how we handle or respond to one another in a given circumstance. Yet, we distinguish between the environments we are in and adjust our sensuality accordingly. This phenomenon is discussed in the next paragraph more fully. Alcohol and drug abuse is also a behavior that is affected by the environment and circumstances one is faced with in life. If we look at the lives of the abusers we are often made aware of the acceptance as such as a lifestyle by many surrounding the individual with the problem. Sometimes it is the result of a perception problem or rebellion but many times the behavior becoming a problem is a direct result of environment and circumstances.
Behavior Changes Depending on the Company We Keep
When an individual gets up in the morning to dress there is an agenda already in mind most of the time. If one is going to work and they work in a business office they are going to choose clothing that is both respective of their individuality and self as well as acceptable to the environment in which they work. They are not going to get up and put on a...

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