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A Prose Analysis Of Milton's Sonnet Xix

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A Prose Analysis on Milton's "Sonnet XIX"

     John Milton, a poet who was completely blind in 1651 wrote "Sonnet XIX"
in 1652; this sonnet is his response to his loss of sight. The theme of the
sonnet is the loss and regain of primacy of experience. Milton offers his
philosophical view on animism and God. Furthermore, "Sonnet XIX" explores
Milton's faith and relationship with God. "Sonnet XIX" suggests that man was
created to work and not rest. The supportive details, structure, form, and
richness of context embodies the theme. The sonnet goes through two phases: the
first phase is Milton's question addressed to God, ...view middle of the document...

Obviously, Milton is making a reference to his blindness in relation to line
seven. Line seven implies that once the usefulness of a man has diminished,
then is man doomed to wasting the rest of his remaining days. In other words,
has Milton's handicap made him into an obsolete machine? The quote "To be or
not to be,…", (Hamlet, Act 3, Scene1) runs through Milton's mind. Shall he
struggle and fight in the webs of darkness, or shall he accept defeat. A sense
of "dark clarity" - a sinister paradox occupies Milton's mind. His brain was
once clear, set, and on task; but now, it is clouded, unorganized, and
     However, in the darkness, a new form of clarity arises. "That murmur.
Soon replies, God doth not need Either man's work or his own gifts;" (lines 9-
10) suggests that the willingness to try is good enough to satisfy God.
Milton's realization of the needs of God from man bought him to a higher
enlightenment. Therefore, the "dark clarity" renewed Milton's primacy of
experience. Like, Kenneth Rexroth, Milton broke away from the "beaten path" and
chose his own.
Perhaps, the struggle within the darkness guides the truth out of the
abyss. For example, if a person listens to Bach or Mozart, the musical
experience is different when the listener's eyes are closed. When the outer eye
is shut from the physical world, then the inner eye (the mind) works in the dark.
In the darkness, the seeds of imagination grow; therefore, the seeds give the
listener a new experience. Again, the primacy of experience is found within the
dark. Hence, the mind's eyes see a whole new world differently than the world
we live. If the truth shall set a person free, therefore truth is derived from
the fundamentals of darkness.
Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge, for
knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world…stimulating
progress, or giving birth to evolution." In other words, imagination is the
fundamental of darkness. In the mind's eyes, a sense of truth rises from the
inky and bottomless pool. Therefore, the pool is the redemption of Milton's
soul. There is a coexistence between light and dark. Line fourteen, "They also
serve who stand and wait." implies that the people who are patient, focused, and
determined will be able to see the light. The word "they" is referred to the
virtues of truth....

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