A Proposal For The Standardization Of Corporate Responsibility

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A Proposal for the Standardization of Corporate Responsibility

In Response to the Presidential Commission from the desk of the
President - Barak Obama

CR 503 – Business and Society

I. Presidential Commission
President Obama, heading a special commission, has requested a draft for a National Code of Corporate Responsibility. Once completed, the Code will be widely disseminated as a national blueprint for proper business conduct. It is, therefore, imperative that the new code contain the necessary business, social and ethical policies that will lift the American corporate community out of its disreputable position and accelerate its return to global superiority -- as both ...view middle of the document...

They form a foundation for responsible corporate integrity – a value that has been misplaced in American business. Their purpose is to build value and integrity back into the American business landscape.

III. Organization
These pillars will be organized into two sections: the first to define and expand on principles and polices that effect corporations as business entities and how they conduct their relationships with other organizations, and members of the general public, the second to define and expand on principles and policies that effect the individual managers and how they conduct their relationships with other managers, subordinates, their stockholders and members of the general public. The organization of the pillars will be in outline form, with definitions and support through research findings added where necessary.
Also, note that in the case of supporting research or notations that have no clear author the in text notations will follow the following format:
(citation x), were x is equivalent to the corresponding alphanumeric under the section VII.
Otherwise, the notations will follow normal MLA format.

IV. Pillars of Corporate Responsibility
a. Corporations as Business Entities
i. A policy of preserving and managing natural resources.
1. The need for effective and proactive resource protection is the key to balancing of the needs of industry to the needs of the public and wildlife.
2. This policy will entail the use of Natural Resource-Based Planning and Environmental Review, both fashioned after the current law in Minnesota – Minnesota Rules Chapter 4410. (citation c)
a. Key Steps to and Environmental Review and Resource-Based Planning (citation c)
i. Identify natural resource issues of importance to your community, such as water quality and wildlife habitat.
ii. Conduct a natural resource inventory (NRI).
1. Identify and gather existing information
2. Determine NRI Approach– Hand-drawn or GIS-based
3. Gather new information and record it
4. Review mapping with community
5. Refine mapping if necessary
iii. Develop a natural resource assessment (NRA) to identify priority natural resources for conservation and areas suitable for development.
iv. Develop a comprehensive plan, which outlines your community’s priorities for conservation and growth.
v. Implement the plan. Be sure your community commits adequate funding to implement the strategies identified in the plan.
vi. Monitor your community’s progress.
3. According to a survey 83% of people agreed that “My country should have an ongoing program to purchase, restore...

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