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A Preliminary Report With The Top Ten Countries In Terms Of Population Size

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Question: Your company has developed a new product that has universal appeal across countries and cultures. In fact, it is expected to achieve high penetration rates in all the countries where it is introduced, regardless of the average income of the local populace. Considering the costs of the product launch, the management team has decided to initially introduce the product only in countries that have a sizeable population base. You are required to prepare a preliminary report with the top ten countries in terms of population size. A member of management has indicated that a resource called the “World Population Data Sheet” may be useful for the report. Since growth opportunities are ...view middle of the document...

311. However China will remain among the largest countries in the world in terms of population size.
• India has a population of 1.26 billion and is actually the second largest population in the world. It is important to note that the country has a high fertility rate which is 2.6% and additionally has a rate of 22 births per 1000 population. In 2050, India will be the largest population in the world with 1.691 billion habitants.
• The United States is the third largest population with 314 million habitants. It is expected to reach 423 in 2050. With a fertility rate of 1.9% and high life expectancy and with 13 births per 1000 population; The U.S. seems to hold a constant and upward slope in population rate.
• Indonesia has a population of 241 million habitants and holds a birth rate of 19 per 100 habitants. It also has a total fertility rate of 2.3% which is quite high. It is the fourth largest population in the world and is expected to reach 309 million by 2050.
• Nigeria is the largest population in Africa with around 170 million people. IT is actually the seventh largest population in the world and is estimated to be the fourth on by 2050 with 402 million people. With a fertility rate of 5.6% and around 40 births per...

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