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A Positive Physical Working Environment Essay

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A positive physical working environment is as important as anything when it comes to creating a positive overall work environment. It can have a large bearing on the attitude and productivity of employees, and hence on their ability to work well. Things such as ambient temperature, the quality of lighting, personal space, noise levels, the quality of the air, the furniture and fittings, and so on can influence the overall work environment in a big way. The aim is to create a pleasant work areas for each employee, and give them their own space, as well as the freedom to set up their own work-spaces. It is also essential to minimize distractions but at the same time also promote interaction ...view middle of the document...

They always want to be part of the “big picture” working on substantial, important projects and not, what they would consider, grunt work.

According to a 2013 Employee Benefits study by SHRM, Opportunity to use skills/abilities was rated as number one aspect of employee job satisfaction. Almost 63% of
Setting Goals
The process of setting goals should be a collaborative process between an employee and his or her manager. Whether writing long- or short-term goals, the most widely-used framework is S-M-A-R-T.
SMART Acronym Newly Defined for Goal Setting
* I'll start with S. In addition to specific, don't stretching, systematic, synergistic, significant and shifting round out the picture?
* M means measurable, but I also recommend meaningful, memorable, motivating and even, magical.
* A is an achievable goal but A also needs to stand for action plans, accountability, acumen and agreed-upon.
* R means relevant, but it also stands for realistic, reasonable, resonating, results-oriented, rewarding, responsible, reliable, rooted in facts and remarkable.
* T means time-based and it also represents timely, tangible and thoughtful.

Specific: Well-defined to...

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