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A Personalised Induction Essay

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“A personalised induction will always be more effective”

Discuss. Base your answer on theoretical concepts and techniques presented in class

Module 2
Nicola Pepper
Tutor: Jaswinder Challi

Word count:2106

This paper will discuss methods and techniques used to personalise screeds to suit clients that we are working with.
How we decide which modality to use on our clients, how important an initial consultation can be and my argument for using personalised screeds.
I will discuss the factors involved in creating personalised screeds, and the benefits of creating a personalised screed for clients. Using different modalities and ...view middle of the document...

There are five areas of modality but the three main areas are, feeling, visual and auditory.
The other two being Olfactory (smell) and Gustatory (taste).[1]

This modality covers our feelings and someone whose preferred language is kinaesthetic would say things like
“I know how you feel”
“ I am warming to him”
People who lean to this modality will be those that touch and feel things, before they purchase them.
Eye movements associated with this modality will be down and to the right.
Tonality with this modality is usually soft and a deeper tone.
A kinaesthetic posture is rounded shoulders and gestures are mid to lower body.

As its title says, this is a visual language where clients may says things like
“ Looks good to me”
“ I see no reason this wouldn’t work”
People with this primary modality may be interested in drawing or design.
Their eye movements will go to the right when they are forming images and will go to the left when they are remembering images
Tonality with this modality is high and clear and faster paced.
Visual modality types will appear less relaxed in body and are often a thinner body type.

Those favouring Auditory modality will say things like
“ I hear what your saying”
“That’s music to my ears”
When an auditory client is constructing sound their eyes will go to the left and when remembering sounds will go to the right.
Their tonality is melodic and their speed of speech in between those of Kinaesthetic and Visual.
Their posture has them with a tilt to their head and may exhibit rhythmic body movement.

These traits in all people, enable us to determine which modality to use when hypnotizing our clients, and the best way of finding out this information is to talk with the client, listen for words that they are using, watch their body movements and gestures and observe their eye movements. All of this information can be gathered at the initial consultation. The more tailored a screed is the more likely a client will go into a deeper trance and therefore reap greater benefit from the hypnosis session.
Along with modalities screeds can be Authoritative or Permissive. Both have a role in personalising screeds.

Milton H Erickson was a pioneer in the permissive screed. Born in 1901, was introduced to hypnosis by Clark Hall, but Erickson considered the clients internal processes to be very important. He became the president and founder of the American society for Clinical Hypnosis in 1957.

Erickson believed that the unconscious mind was always listening, and that, whether or not the patient was in trance, suggestions could be made which would have a hypnotic influence, as long as those suggestions found some resonance at the unconscious level. The patient can be aware of this, or can be completely oblivious that something is happening. Erickson would see if the patient would respond to one or another kind of indirect suggestion, and allow...

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