A Person Who Had An Injury

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A lot of people suffer or used to suffer by knee injuries and generally knee pain nowadays. It’s not something rare, otherwise knee problems are found in everyday life. If you ask your family while you have dinner all together at night at least you will be told about one incident minimum. Studies showed that 47% of people will have knee pain and about 19% have or will have ACL injury. That’s the point I want to focus on today, 19% ACL injury?! That’s quite a lot of people but if you compare it with the number of athletes that had or will had ACL injury in their whole career it’s not that spectacular if I can say, because the athletes have a number of 32% in ACL injury. An injury to the ...view middle of the document...

Women in sports such as football, basketball, tennis and volleyball are significantly more prone to ACL injuries than men. The discrepancy has been attributed to differences between the sexes in anatomy, general muscular strength, reaction time of muscle contraction and coordination, and training techniques. A recent study suggests hormone-induced changes in muscle tension associated with menstrual cycles may also be an important factor. Women have a relatively wider pelvis, requiring the femur to angle toward the knees. Recent research also suggests that there may be a gene variant that increases the risk of injury. The majority of ACL injuries occur in athletes landing flat on their heels. The latter directs the forces directly up the tibia into the knee, while the straight-knee position places the anterior femoral condyle on the back-slanted

portion of the tibia. The resultant forward slide of the tibia relative to the femur is restrained primarily by the now-vulnerable ACL. This injury happens in specific to sports that involve starting, stopping, pivoting, and turning with some speed – particularly in sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, field hockey, tennis, skiing, and lacrosse. To begin with I am going to show you what a tennis athlete, like John Bark confided to us about his ACL injury 2 years ago, how he felt, when he got to know it, what he went through physically, mentally and psychologically, what he did to recover, what he believes about health, and other health related questions, how it affected their everyday life, his relationships with family and friends. John Bark: “It was the May of 2012 when the USA OPEN tournament just began so I participate with other 25 tennis players. The special thing with that tournament is that the ground of the field is tough. It wasn’t grass or dust ground as always. Anyway in that game the opponent was really good in counter shoots, so I had to run up and down, right and left for more than two and a half hours in order to get the ball. Finally I won but I was not as happy as I should because when the game finished I had pain in my knee. The doctor advise me to relax my knee for 10 days but the next game was the next day, I couldn’t give up for just small pain at my elbow. The next game after 20 minutes of playing after a big run I felt that "wobbly" feeling and fall down. The pain was so big that I couldn’t even talk to the doctor and the physiotherapist that run towards me immediately. Finally my ACL tendon of the left foot was torn”. “There are lots of people out there who have had ACL injuries without having a reconstruction and they are fine. At high level sport generally you do have the operation due to the increased demands on the knee joint from cutting and turning movements. I was out for about 6-8 months By this time the player may be back to walking around absolutely normally without a brace, plus 3-4 moths in order to have the physical fitness I used to have....

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