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A Painted House Essay

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1) I find that those who live a happy and healthy life are the wealthiest among us. The Chandler family fit well into that category. The Chandlers have a comfortable home and plenty of food to eat. They own a truck, a radio and a form of air conditioning amongst other luxuries not granted to all in Black Oak. The Chandlers also own a little land as well as their residence. “After thirty years of backbreaking labor, they had managed to purchase from Mr. Vogel the house and the three acres surrounding it.” (Pg 25) This family does not own the land they farm on and they are also in farming debt for bad crops, low profit etc. In this way they can be portrayed as poor. However what the ...view middle of the document...

I do believe that Pappy will finish the project because he loves his grandson and also this Pappy’s acceptance of the future. Luke is stepping up and not putting the pressure to buy paint on his father. He realized that this is his project and he should take responsibility by helping his dad conserve what little money they have. “I had pushed the project along, and in doing so forced my father to spend what little money he had. I hadn’t realized how broke we were.” (Pg 429) He realizes that the cost of the task will be larger than comprehended. (Pg 414) Luke states “I want to help” while his father deters him from spending his hard earned money on paint. Luke matures through out the book and so his perspective on life changes just as his values do. He knows that helping his family is more important than a flamboyant jacket.

3) The entire Black Oak community is composed of either Methodists or Baptists. This religious difference basically divide the town in half but “Black Oak was too small to be divided.” (Pg 295) Religion plays a large role in Luke’s life. He prays and worships every Sunday during picking season and more often when cotton was not being harvested. “Nobody met as much as us Baptists.” (Pg 296) He also looks to God to protect his family from danger in precarious situations. Nevertheless God has not shielded Luke from some of the horrors of life such as murder or violence. The Chandlers are good people who always help those in need; they care for the people of the community. The Chandlers do not sin; they do not curse, gamble, or drink. They think only about their family or their crop and occasionally baseball. Each member of the family donates to the church and Kathleen brings vegetables from her garden to their less fortunate neighbors, the Latcher’s. “… I was marched into the garden and ordered to haul food. Two cardboard boxes were filled with vegetables.” (Pg 120)

4) The Chandler men are strong in the sense that they work hard in the fields and are protective of their family. The women are strong emotionally and can always get the family through tough times. The women work diligently to please the men by constantly cooking and cleaning. “They lived in the same house, cooked the same meals, did the same laundry and picked the same cotton.” (Pg 33) The women are smart and quick thinkers. They are usually one step ahead of the men when it comes to formulating plans. “Gran was a step ahead, but then she had the advantage of thinking without being angry.” (Pg 320) The men are very brave and keep their ground when confronted. “Mind if I ride out tomorrow and look around? Stick asked. I can’t stop you.” (Pg 92) The Pappy is strong in the sense that even though the crops are flooded he is not discouraged; he keeps his head held high. Gran is strong and reliable in times of need such as the Latcher’s predicament and her quick preparation to rescue them. The mother is strong to not give up hope of leaving the farm to make a...

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