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A&P Essay

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In the story A&P by John Updike is about a Cashier named Sammy who works in a grocery store named A&P, in the suburb of Boston during summertime, and having conflicts with these three girls in bikinis and his manager Lengel. In this story there three types of conflicts that occur in this story. One is “man vs. man”; When Sammy has an argument with Lengel (store manager). “Man vs. society”, when Sammy thinks badly about a grocery shopper. Then there’s “man vs. himself”, where Sammy thought what he was doing when he quitted.
In the beginning of this story there was already a conflict where is “man vs. society”. Sammy (cashier) didn’t know if he rung up an item he ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, there’s a conflict “man vs. man”. In the story there are three girls in bikinis who walk in to the A&P store to shop. They were causing trouble for the customers and the employee including Sammy. Later on Lengel comes into the store. So as manager he told the girls that there are inappropriately dress to shop in the store. But Sammy didn’t like the way Lengel was talking to the girls. So Sammy says he quits to Lengel. Lengel ask Sammy if he say something, and Sammy says I quit. Sammy said "You didn't have to embarrass them." Then Lengel said "It was they who were embarrassing us.", Sammy reacted with "Fiddle-de-doo" a saying his grandmother said.
Finally, there’s a conflict “man vs. himself”. Towards the end of the story Sammy thought about what he did when he quitted. When Lengel said "Sammy, you don't want to do this to your Mom and Dad”. Sammy thought it’s true, I don't. But it seems to me that once you begin a gesture it's fatal not to go through with it (A&P). So for a second there he didn’t want to quit because of his parents. But he thought he has to go through with what he said and doing.
In conclusion, In the story A&P by John Updike. Sammy confronts conflicts throughout this story. “Man vs. Society”, when Sammy thinks badly about an old grocery shopper. “Man vs. Man”, when Sammy tells Lengel he quits. Then there was “man vs. himself”, Where Sammy realizes what he was doing when he was quitting, but when through with it. This story teaches the reader pride leads you nowhere. And the world moves on in spite the choices we make.

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