A Night To Remember Essay

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Maria Hernandez
Mrs. Julie Chen
English 1301-01
September 25, 2009

A Night to Remember
Have you ever felt like you don't live your life to it's fullest? Was there ever a time that you felt left out, or trapped in your own world because you don't do what everybody else does? I felt like that almost throughout my whole teenage years. One night I said, “It's time to get out this hole and live.” Turns out that it became one of the worst nights of my life. I was rushed to the emergency room at 3:30a.m. because someone had poisoned my drink. I don’t remember a lot, but I was told by my peers what really happened.
I had just graduated from high school on June 2, 2009, and I couldn’t ...view middle of the document...

Heather and Jennifer were challenging us to see who can have the most shots. Sharon and I high fived each other and said, “Lets show them how Nicaraguans do it.” The girls and I were drinking, laughing, and having a good time. We got down to our sixth shot at 2:30am. We took that shot at the same time, and after I took a bite of my lemon we all agreed to take a break and just mingle for a while. I went to the restroom and I noticed I started to feel dizzy. My vision was so blurry and I started to see triple. As I walked, my friend Casey was on my left side helping me, while I'm leaning on the wall trying not to twist my ankle and fall. Before I can make it to the toilet, I started vomiting all over the floor and cabinets. I had vomited a burger and fries, some nachos, plus all the alcohol I drank. What made me vomit even more was the smell. The smell came out to b a mixture of expired food and a dirty diaper. It might sound over exaggerating, but that's how it really smelled.
After a while, I was unconscious on the bathroom floor. I remember Casey yelling from the top of her lungs for ...

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