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A New Practice Field Essay

3915 words - 16 pages

PROJ598—Contract and Procurement Management


1. INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS Jones Sports Incorporated will start the process of accepting bids from contractors starting November 23, 2014 to build a new baseball field located at 5424 Rolling Meadows Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76124.Jones Sports will accept proposals for the construction of a practice baseball field, a small parking lot and a clubhouse. 6
1.1. General Description of Work Jones Sports has purchased 20 acres of land for their semi pro baseball team to conduct practice. On this land Jones Sports has plans to build a practice field, a 50 space parking lot and a small clubhouse. These facilities will be ...view middle of the document...

Due to there being neighborhoods in the surrounding area there should be set hours of work so the construction does not disturb those communities. Once construction is completed the practice field, parking lot and clubhouse should be ready for immediate use. 6
1.2. What Must Be Included with Bid To be considered for the bid each bidder must include the name of your company, 3 past references, your company license and a brief history of your company’s experience. The bid will also need to include the following information: Contact information, workers that will be on site working on the project as well as any outside subcontractors that will be assisting with the contract. There should also be a list of materials that will be used in the project as well as information on similar projects that the bidder has worked on in reference to construction of a baseball field, clubhouse and parking lot. 6
1.3. Schedule of Bid Period Activities Bids will be accepted until October 15, 2014 at 5:00P.M. Central time. The address where all bids should be submitted is 5100 Verde Valley Lane, Dallas, Texas 75254. There will be a meeting at the site location on October 1, 2014 and any questions bidders have will be answered at that time. Any bids submitted after the time and date listed will not be accepted. All bids will be reviewed and the winning contractor will be notified on November 3rd 2014.The winning bidder will be notified by phone and is expected to begin the start of the project on November 7th, 2014. The completion date of the project is March 5th 2016. 6
1.4. Location of Work 7
1.5. Pre-Bid Meeting 7
1.6. Owner Contact for Questions 7
1.7. Pre-Award Surveys 7
1.8. Sealed Bid Requirements 7
1.9. Basis for Bid Evaluation 8
1.10. Ethical Standards 8
1.11. Responsibility for Surety Bonds 8
1.12. Proposal Format 8
1.13. List of Bidders 9
1.14. Letter of Acknowledgment 9
2.1. Engineering Contracts 10
2.2. Construction Contracts 10
3.1. Breakdown of Bid Price 10
3.2. Revisions and Extra Work 10
3.3. Escalation Formulas 10
3.4. Scheduled Completion Dates 10
3.5. List of Subcontractors 11
The following format may be used as a guide for meeting this portion of the criteria. SUBCONTRACTOR Name & Address Specialty/Role with this Project: Worked with Lead Firm Before: Yes or No Year Firm Established: 11
3.6. Key Supplier or Contractor Personnel 11
3.7. Length of Time Bid Is Valid 11
3.8. List of Bid Document Addenda Reviewed by Bidder 11
3.9. Notice of Conflicts or Errors in Bid Documents 11
3.10. Clarifications of Bids 11
3.11. Bidder Signature 12
Appendix A 14
Appendix B 16
Supplier/Bidder List 16


Jones Sports Incorporated will start the process of accepting bids from contractors starting November 23,...

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