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A New Mandate Essay

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Executive Summary
The article speaks about four ways in which HR can deliver organisationalexcellence. First being partnering with senior and line managers in strategyexecution. Second, it delivers administrative efficiency to ensure that costs arereduced while the quality is maintained. Third, it helps in increasing employeecontribution. Finally, it acts an agent of continuous transformation. Based onthese points, the line managers must work to completely integrate HR intocompany’s real work. There are five challenges that the companies face in the modern scenariobecause of which HR finds an important role. First, increase in globalisation haspushed the companies to increase their ability ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, it must be accountable for conducting an organisationalaudit. Thirdly, HR should identify methods for renovating the parts of theorganisational architecture that need it. Finally, HR must take stock of its ownwork and set clear priorities.HR staff will have to improve the efficiency of both their own function and theentire organisation. HR work can be improved by lowering the cost and byremoving steps or leveraging technology. HR professionals must be heldaccountable for ensuring that employees are engaged and they feel committedto the organisation and contribute fully. In addition the new HR should be theemployee’s voice in management discussions. It should also offer employeesopportunities for personal and professional growth. HR can play a critical role in

recommending ways to ameliorate morale problems. The new HR has aresponsibility of building the organisation’s capacity to embrace and capitalizeon change. The hardest and most important challenge facing many companies in this era of flux is changing their culture. In order to bring about new culture, HR must followprocess of defining and clarifying the concept of culture change, articulating whyculture change is central to business success, defining a process for assessingthe current culture and the desired new culture as well as measuring the gapbetween the two and identifying alternate approaches for culture change. The new mandate for HR requires dramatic changes in how HR professionalsthink and behave but more importantly it is required that the senior executiveschange what they expect from HR and their behaviour towards the HR staff. There are four ways in which the senior executives can create an atmospherewhere HR is focussed on outcomes rather than activities. They must demonstratethat they believe typical HR issues are critical to business success. They caninclude HR professionals in strategic discussions and state explicitly that withoutthe collaboration of HR, strategies are more hopes than realities, promises thanacts, and concepts than results. A company has much better chance of achievingits goals if senior managers state specifically what they expect from HR and thentrack, measure and reward performance. Investing in innovative HR practices isanother way to signal to the organisation that HR is worthy of the companiesmoney and attention. Finally, the hardest but perhaps the most important thingseniors managers can do to drive forward the new mandate for HR, is to improvethe quality of the HR staff itself.HR professionals must focus more on the deliverables of their work to meet theincreased expectations of their...

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