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A New Look At Electronic Medical Records

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A New Look at Electronic Medical Records

1. Identify and describe the problem in this case.
The problem presented in the case is the U.S Health Industry feels that the current paper based medical records are inefficient and costly. They believe that implementing an electronic medical record system that contains all information including medical history, test results , treatments etc. Their goal is to have these in place by 2015.

2. What people, organization, and technology factors are responsible ...view middle of the document...

Technological factors include not yet discovering a way to be able to share information from nurses to doctors as well as other care providers.

3. What is the business, political, and social impact of not digitizing medical records (for individual physicians, hospitals, insurers, patients, and the US Government)?
Not digitizing medical records for physicians it makes their job harder because the now have to go through tons of paperwork to see if the patient had experienced these symptoms before and what was previously done to treat them. Hospitals are being faced with penalties for not updating their systems that can include the reduction of their Medicare and Medicade. Insurers are losing the option of immediate processing for claims, while patients are more at risk without the online medical records; they are being put through redundant testing that can be harmful for them. The U.S government is wasting $80 billion a year by not having these online records.

4. What are the business and social benefits of digitizing medical record keeping?
The Benefit of the online medical records.

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