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A Morning Song Essay

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Literary Elements of “A Morning Song”
“A poem is a linguistic artifact, whose function is to organize the primary data of experience that can be exhibited in and through words” (Vivas, 1954). In the poem “A Morning Song” by Eleanor Farjeon, we are presented with the unique view on the first day of creation. Farjeon uses a form of lyric poetry that is known as an ode. An ode is known as being, “imaginative, expressed with a meditative, intellectual tone, but do not have a prescribed pattern” (Clugston, 2010). In my opinion, an ode is one that talks about one specific thing that you believe to be deserving of admiration. The thing to be admired in this poem is the details of the first ...view middle of the document...

The details that are described in this poem allow the theme to be envisioned by the reader that much more easily.
The second element that is used throughout the poem is a rhyme. Rhyming is often used and fairly common in poems. According to Clugston (2010), “Rhyme in poetry is the similarity of accented sounds in words at the end of lines” (p. 263). If the words sound alike, for example “bed” and “fed”, then that means rhyming is being used. The word at the end of lines 1 and 3 in the first stanza are identical, which is “morning”. The words at the end of lines 2 and 4 in the first stanza are similar, which are “bird” and “word”. In the second stanza, the words in line 1 and 3 are similar, which are “heaven” and “garden”. The words at the end of lines 2 and 4 in the second stanza are similar, which are “grass” and “pass”. In the third and final stanza, line 1 and 3 are identical while line 2 and 4 are similar, which is “play” and “day”. I found that because of these rhyming words I was anticipating the rhyme at the end of each and every sentence. The rhyming that was used throughout this poem was a great addition and helped me connect with the words better.
Farjeon’s written perspective in this captivating poem “A Morning Song” set the tone throughout the entire piece. Tone is an important part of how the reader will interpret the material (Clugston, 2010). The tone is used to convey what kind of mood or attitude the author wants the reader to feel. In this particular poem there are many hints that would suggest what the mood is. The words are written to warm the heart and have an overall beautiful attitude. The details suggest satisfaction and perfection. The words “Mine is the sunlight” introduces a meditative tone (Clugston, 2010). This statement in the book helps support my claim that the mood is very warmhearted. Due to the peaceful tone of this poem, our response to the final line is to “Praise with elation” for “God’s re-creation of the new day”...

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