A Model Of Service Classification Based On Consumer Needs

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A Model of Service Classification Based on Consumer Needs
Service Operations Management Track
FARIAS PEREIRA , Suzana Carla Doctoral student at Fundação Getúlio Vargas/EAESP Department of Administration of the Production and Operations

CATTINI , Orlando Jr. Professor of Fundação Getúlio Vargas/EAESP Department of Administration of the Production and Operations

Most of the literature and research on services focus on the characteristics that distinguish products from service. One of the topics to be improved is the service classification . Most service classifications do not consider the client’s needs as a crucial parameter either to the quality of the service or to the ...view middle of the document...

Nevertheless the great diversity of meanings leads to ambiguity as the term is used. The term “service” can be used to designate a sector/industry, an offer/output or a process. In addition to that, each one of these meanings can be defined through two different perspectives: the service provider’s one and the service client’s one. Some authors consider that the service characteristic as a process is the most relevant as well as being the one which best explains its nature (Cattini, 1999; Gronroos,1998; Shostack, 1987 and Levitt 1976). For these authors, services are produced through processes in which the clients interact with the productive resources. The concern about establishing a service typology is highlighted by various authors (Gianesi and Corrêa 1996, Grontoos 1993, Lovelock 1983). The greatest justification for
Procedings of the Twelfth Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society, POMS-2001 , March 30 – April 2, 2001 , Orlando Fla

developing service classification schemes is the search for understanding its nature and singular aspects so that we can provide hints for the development of marketing strategies for the operations project (Cattini, 1999 ; Lovelock, 1983) . Following the evolution of the research on service classification, one can easily notice the operational focus, usually justified by the classification objective: the operations project of backroom or of front-office Lovelock, 1983). Another relevant aspect is that the majority of the classifications focus on the result of the service process (product/service) to the detriment of the providing organization (Cook et al , 1999). Some studies ( Johns, 1999 e Gianesi e Corrêa , 1996) present an approach which allows us to identify a parallel between the development of the research about the the service characterization and the amplification of the considered dimensions for the classification. Considering these approaches, an attempt to summarize the research on service classification could divide it into four phases: ∙ First one: characterized by the concern on determining the characteristics which differenciate the service companies from the manufacturing ones, or services from products. (Cook et al, 1999 and Lovelock, 1983). ∙ Second one: the classification was done under the operations management perspective. The approches varied as far as their objectives were concerned: examining the service strategic attributes, defining the sector productivity and efficiency; subsidiate the organizational project and the management topics; and tackle issues about the product project and service quality (Cook et al, 1999 ). ∙ Third one: characterized by classifications of service processes in which the various dimensions of a process are analyzed (Lovelock and Yip, 1996). ∙ Fourth one: strong market orientation. Development of new parameters of classification originated from the evolution of the research on the service characteristics and concepts added to...

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