A Mobile Digital Platform Emerges To Compete With The Pc As A Business System

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A mobile digital platform emerges to compete with the PC as a business system

It is very fascinating topic, especially for me. I traveled a lot all over the world, working in a hedge fund. I wouldn’t be able to do half of my work and even personal staff not having an iPhone. It makes life and work easier – being able to stay connected everywhere, to make fast business decisions, to be always in control. And it’s interesting to watch how fast technologies develop and give us new options and opportunities.
So how mobile digital platform competes with PC? Basically it is about accessing the Internet through highly portable netbooks and ...view middle of the document...

In that case, it has taken many functions including transmission of data, surfing the web, transmitting e-mail and instant messages, displaying digital content and exchanging data with internal corporate systems. The major effect of mobile digital platform commenced with the release of Apple iPhone. Apple opened its iPhone software to developers, and then opened an Applications Store on iTunes where business users can download hundreds of applications to support collaboration, location based services, and communication with colleagues.

Application developers today seeking to garner large fan bases target at least iOS and Android. It also depends on the nature of the application. For a communication app, for example, you would want to create a solution that is adaptable on various platforms so people can use it on the go, wherever they go, however they go.
There are two goals of an application: acquire as many customers as possible or deliver highest quality engagement within a target market. When a majority of your target audience is using the same platform, the choice for platform becomes easy. But when you’re catering to a huge audience, which may be using iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and others, there’s a need to design for multiple platforms. In this blog post, we’ll highlight the benefits and disadvantages of cross-platform apps.
Two biggest examples of digital platforms in business for me are Uber and Square Inc.
The company develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app, which allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request, which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.
Square Register allows individuals and merchants in the United States, Canada, and Japan to accept offline debit and credit cards on their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet computer. The app supports manually entering the card details or swiping the card through the Square Reader, a small plastic device, which plugs into the audio jack of a supported smartphone or tablet and reads the magnetic stripe. On the iPad version of the Square Register app, the interface resembles a traditional cash register.

5 Emerging Trends

The Internet of me: our highly personalized world.  As everyday objects are going online, so too are experiences—creating an abundance of digital channels that reach deep into every aspect of individuals' lives. The range of emerging channels that companies report they are using or experimenting with to engage customers includes wearable (cited by 62% of survey respondents), connected TVs (68%), connected cars (59%) and smart objects (64%). 

Forward-thinking businesses are changing the way they build new applications, products and services, and reaping benefits as a result. To gain control over these access points to individuals' experiences, businesses are creating highly personalized experiences to both engage and exhilarate customers—but having to do it while making sure to not...

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