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A Marketing Plan For Blackberry Bold 9900 In The Hispanic Market

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A Marketing Plan for Blackberry Bold 9900 in the Hispanic Market
Executive summary
The population of the Hispanics in the United States is growing tremendously. In 2010, the population hit 50 million constituting of 16.3% of the total united state population. At that time, it became the second largest group in terms of population. The population grew by 43% since 2000 and projections for the trend are high in the coming years especially in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami and Texas. Economically, the contribution of Hispanics in the gross domestic product in United States rose by $338 billion from $862 billion in the year 2007 to $1200 billion in ...view middle of the document...

After adoption, this product is projected to rake in $1 million in revenues for the first six months.
The current state of business, mission and objectives
Blackberry Bold is a mobile phone product of blackberry limited formerly known as RIM Company. This company has a long history of excellence in manufacturing mobile phone products. The company has been in operation for 15 years since the inception of the first product of this kind in 1999. The use of this Smartphone is declining in the US. Statistics indicate that the market share of this mobile device was 37.5% in 2010. This subscription dropped the following year by 10% reaching 27.5% and it further declined to 13% in 2012. This indicates that the usage of this product is projected to decline if something is not done by the markets. The major reason of drawing this marketing plan is therefore to win the confidence of the market that is dwindling year after year. Our company is not like any other marketing company. We have years of experience in marketing and our reputation is known world over. What makes us unique is our talented expertise who works day and night to bring in ideas that can help improve this product performance in the Hispanic market. Moreover, we use modern tools of promotion such as social sites. Our mission is to become the company of choice to our present and potential customers by producing unique mobile devices that incorporate modern technology. Our vision is to become the leading company in mobile phone production and sales. Our values include customer satisfaction and adoption of modern technology. Our mission, vision and values are well communicated, managed and measured. Blackberry Bold 9900 is a recognized mobile product in terms of innovation and high technical capabilities and therefore finds it use among government officers such as police who perform office work while in the field. The prices for this product are also competitive. Although it is not the cheapest it offers value for money.
Situational analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
Blackberry Bold 9900 has a good reputation among the current users. The strengths of this product are its specifications. This product is one of the thinnest Smartphone that comes with a qwerty keyboard design, besides, it offers superior performance through its liquid graphics display and its ability to capture life in high density. It has a metallic casing with touch screen features. This phone feels great in the hands because it weighs light than one would expect a phone of its caliber to weigh. It weighs approximately 130g and its width is fit for its keyboard features. It is easily portable. This phone uses a track pad unlike previous version of this model which used track balls. Other changes that have been put in this phone are unmarking of the call and end buttons. The phone allows one hand navigation experience because the send, menu, back and end keys are put in one piece. Other...

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