A Major Factor In The Nursing Shortage

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Retention: A Major Factor in the Nursing Shortage
Jacinta Lewis
Walden University
NURS3001, Section 7, Issues and Trends in Nursing
March 9, 2014

Retention: A Major Factor in the Nursing Shortage
The nursing shortage and the bullying culture are both of national concern. Many articles have been published providing the public with information these topics separately and how one affects the other. The information provided to the public should relate to the current workforce trends in nursing. The purpose of this paper is to discuss information from a popular source on how bullying in nursing affects retention and having a major impact on the national nursing shortage.
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Huston (2014) attributed the high levels of turnovers threatening to the quality of patient care and to the disruption of organizational
functioning. The organization’s culture of safety is being undermined by impaired personal relationships among nurse, leading to errors, accidents and poor work performance, according to Stroud (2012). The Joint Commission (as cited in Becher, J. & Viscowsky, C. 2012), indicated that a main factor affecting healthcare teams and patient safety is poor communication. Communication amongst nurses and working together as a team are vital components to the continuity of care and to provide a favorable outcome for the patient. The lack of communication and teamwork creates an unfavorable work environment which causes nurses to take days off from work and ultimately leaving the job.
The Institute for Safe Medication Practices, (as cited by Sheridan-Leos, 2008), conducted a survey of 2,000 healthcare providers and discovered that almost half the participants have experienced intimidation that caused them to change the way they handled an order. Too often nurses second guess themselves in fear of being scolded or labeled as incompetent. Many orders are missed and medications errors occur as a result of this, disrupting the culture of patient safety within the organization of healthcare.
If more attention is not given to the bullying culture and how it affects the issue of retention, the nursing shortage...

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