A Loss Hard Fought Is Often More Valuable Than Victory

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A loss, hard fought, is often more valuable than victory. When you fight a battle, you are always looking to win the battle. When you lose a hard fought battle, you give it your all and try to win. You sweat, cry and bleed. But when everything is lost and seems hopeless, you may gain something else more valuable than a victory. In the end you gain more than you bargain for.I have always enjoyed swimming. I go to the pool regularly and feel very free. I jump into the pool thinking that I'm better than everyone else in the pool. I feel like I'm the queen of the pool. But then ...view middle of the document...

Why did I lose? I realized it was because I didn't have much time to warm up or I wasn't ready to compete. She was. This race was a valuable lesson and more important that a victory. I learned that you must prepare properly before competing. It's a mistake I'll never make again.Learning a language is hard, especially French. I take French at school and though I struggle through most of it, I feel in the end I have actually gained a lot. On many of the quizzes and tests that I take, I never seem to get a high grade so that I feel confident about myself. On quizzes I usually get 44 out of 50 or 45 out of 50. I think that I can do better than that. I think about how I struggle through French and how hard the language is for me, but I love the culture. Unfortunately, my grade never ends up to be what I expect it to be. Although I don't do as well as I hope in French, French has helped my other languages, like English.Swimming competitively and taking French are two experiences that teach me many new things. The swimming race and trying to receive a good grade in French are hard battles that I fought to win. Even though I temporary lost both, a lot came out of there defeats. A loss, hard fought, is often more valuable than victory. This quote has perfectly demonstrated the lessons that I've learned from my losses and the obstacles I've overcome.

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