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A Look Into Accounting Essay

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A Look into Accounting: Discovering the Gaps Between Educational Insights and Career Expectations

It is inherently difficult to measure how well college graduates are prepared for the their careers. Part of being prepared rests as a responsibility to the student. However, it also becomes the responsibility of the institution to provide an education that gives the student a holistic understanding of their career. The focus here is on the topic of accounting as taught at universities. Although there has been significant research conducted to improve the education of accounting as a principle, the facet that has long been ignored is teaching the subject in preparation for realistic career ...view middle of the document...

In the classroom, however, the same topics tend to be covered year after year because they are principles to the field. This has created a gap between educational knowledge and accounting practice. This widening gap is essentially the result of employer expectations and classroom learning (Dombrowski, Smith, 2013). A reason for this, is that there is the curriculum in practice that focuses on “textbook” accounting, which is very different than accounting as practiced in the real world and largely correlated with professors who do not have work experience in the field (aside from teaching the subject) and thus are unable to link theory and practice (AICPA, 2013 & Johnson 2014, pg 110). In addition, so that universities provide a comprehensive education and exposure to students regarding their studies, curriculum should adopt hands-on internships in the field. Not only do these internships stimulate practical learning about accounting, they also give an insight as to what the realistic expectations and level of knowledge is once students enter the workforce and provide a realistic view of the rapidly changing technology and demand – a factor that is learned empirically and is intrinsically part of the work (Alvarado 2012 & Zauwiyah 2015).

New adoption of curriculum
In order to meet the demands of the field and create adequately prepared accountants, universities should implement a curriculum that integrates items readily used by accountants such as technological and computer programs, bring about recent changes in the field into the classroom, and provide obligatory internships in the field. Accounting firms are utilizing the most up to date software to conduct audits, count inventory, and prepare financial statements – software that has made manual accounting obsolete and changed the course of the field. In order to minimize the learning gap that students have upon graduation in realization of these programs and techniques, universities should integrate them into the classroom and provide real world practice. By using practical technology in the classroom, universities can provide market-driven curricula and content for students that changes over time to meet requirements of the accounting profession (Dombrowski, 2013). This can be done most effectively by...

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