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A Look At Modern Religious Views

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez constructs an intriguing story which includes more than one clear message. This story is meant to be a satirical look at modern religious views.. First and foremost the issue of the duality of the so-called Christian characters arises. Another meaning is how ungrateful the main characters, Pelayo and Elisenda act throughout the story. Third it conveyed a message of decline in religious faith through the characters misunderstandings of what was happening

The story opens with Pelayo and Elisenda nursing their young, sick child during a great rainstorm. It had been raining for the last three days. Pelayo looked out the windows; he finds he is staring at a strange ...view middle of the document...

The Angel is a representative of God and the Christian faith. Angels are believed to be God’s messengers and right-hand men. The narrator says, “When the child began school it had been sometime since the sun and rain had caused the collapse of the chicken coop.” Not only did they throw this Angel in a chicken coop they also just let it rot around him again showing disrespect for their religious Icon. Then to go even further Pelayo and Elisenda start charging admission so people can watch the Angel in it’s confined home. Now we see how the duality spreads from Pelayo and Elisenda to the rest of the town. “ . . . even the most merciful threw stones at him, trying to get him to rise so they could see him standing. The only time they succeeded in arousing him was when they burned him with an iron for branding steers, for he had been motionless for so many hours that they thought he was dead”(235).

Are these actions of devoted Christians? How could these people justify attacking a symbol of their own religion? Forget the fact he is an Angel how could they treat anyone like this? These aren’t the actions of true Christians. We would expect the people to help the Angel heal, feed it food, and give it water. True Christian love people and care for their neighbors. Instead of just saying they, will help true Christians volunteer around the world and do what they can to help the less fortunate, never do they take advantage of these people. True Christians wouldn’t teat anyone with this disrespect let alone an Angel.

Pelayo and Elisenda make a great deal of money from charging people to see this great creature of God. “With the money they have saved they built a two-story mansion with balconies and gardens and high netting so that the crabs wouldn’t get in during the winter, and with iron bars on the windows so that Angel’s wouldn’t get in”(236). This is a very repulsive statement. Why would Pelayo and Elisenda put bars on the windows to keep out Angels? The Angel has helped their family in their time of need. This shows how ungrateful these people are for what this Angel and God has done for them. The way they pay back this Angel, this man of God, is to throw him in a chicken coop like an animal. They were afraid the Angel wouldn’t make it through the winter, but they didn’t do anything to try to help him. In fact the worst fear was not for his life but what to do with his dead body. “That was one of the few times they became alarmed, for they thought he was going to die and not even the wise neighbor women had been able to tell them what to do with a dead Angel”(237).

The Angel manages to make it through the winter, by the grace of God no doubt; Pelayo and Elisenda still leave him outside to die. In fact Elisenda is annoyed and complains about how she has to kick the Angel out of the kitchen time after time. “The Angel went dragging himself about here and there like a stray dying man. They would drive him out of the...

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