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A Linguistic Analyisation Of Aboriginal English As A Variation Of Australian English

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Varieties of Australian English - Aboriginal EnglishWithin English there are many variations; American, London, Scottish, Irish. There are also various Pidgins and Creoles. Some of these variations of English are recognised standard languages that stand alone, however they are still English. One of these is Australian English.Australian English is a standard form of English. But what makes it so? [What gives it this status?] A standard variety of English is identified as [a style of English used consistently within an area.] Because Australian English is used consistently within Australia it is a Standard English variety.Even though this means there are many different variations of English, ...view middle of the document...

Once this Creole was published it became a recognised language within Australian English.Aboriginal language is an important part of the aboriginal identity. Aboriginal English is spoken by the majority of Aboriginal people and is often the first language they speak. It is often the language that their family and their aboriginal friends use and this makes it special to them as it is used by people the speaker considers special, It becomes an intimate, personal language that becomes an essential part of the speakers identity.Aboriginal English can be looked upon as uneducated and unsophisticated by those who do not speak it, and this causes problems within the education system when it comes to the study of language and literacy. Often "Standard Australian" will be the language that the student is encouraged, even forced, to speak at school, causing the students difficulties as well as teachers. This can even cause a student to leave school altogether, as when presented with a choice between an education system that ridicules them and makes them out to be ignorant and the language of friends, family and themselves, the choice is a tad obvious. Unfortunately this tends to reinforce the stereotyped attitude towards Aboriginal English and repeats the vicious cycle.In truth Aboriginal English is a language with rules and complexity and just as expressive of ideas. One reason it is looked upon as unsophisticated is the pronunciation and structure of phrases. The accent of the language is reminiscent of cockney as most convicts were from that area and were the main source of aural instruction for the first speakers of Aboriginal English. Since most convicts were uneducated and illiterate, this made speech the main and sometimes the only means for the aboriginals to learn pieces of English.Some characteristics common to both dialects is a more nasal pronunciation of vowels such as saying "yah" (/ja/) instead of "you" (/ja/). Aboriginal English also shares the trait of missing consonant sounds like "h" and this can result in hypercorrection where the "h" is placed where is does not belong, however it is more comment to forget the "h" sound.The "th" sound in Standard English is replaced with a "d" sound in heavier Aboriginal speech, causing "that" (/θæt/) to become "dat" (/dæt/) and so on.There are very few morphemes used in Aboriginal English, and this tends to simplify the language, but can cause confusion to those not familiar with it. For example "we workin' more fast today" may cause some Standard English speakers to pause in...

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