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A Life With Adhd Essay

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A life with ADHD
Imagine. You are trying to get an assignment done for either school or work. You know you need to get it done and you know you can do it. But it seems like your mind keeps wandering off and you soon realize that you’ve wasted hours that could have been used to finish the assignment. You try to get back into focus, yet your mind wanders again, and again until soon you have to rush to get it done, and risk doing it poorly, if you get it done at all. Unfortunately, this is just one of many scenarios for people who have grown up and are living with ADHD.
But what is ADHD? Well, to start, ADHD is short for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADHD is a psychiatric ...view middle of the document...

Handwriting difficulties seem to be common in children with ADHD. Delays in speech and language as well as motor development occur more commonly in the ADHD population. But, if you remember, I said it can be hard to diagnose properly. Why? ADHD is very difficult to judge what the ‘normal’ levels for these problems are. Although, there are several tests that are used to find out if ADHD is present, some of which include psychological testing and questionnaires for the parents.
Once you know someone else has it, you question what is the treatment? Most doctors often prescribe medications to help deal with the ADHD. Counseling is another form of coping with the disorder. Even if one follows instructions of their doctor, take the medication, and talk to a psychiatrist, it can still be very difficult to live with. I have dealt with a person that does have ADHD, my brother, I can tell you that it is not easy knowing that you are different from everyone else. My brother has to be on medication the rest of his life. Usually, ADHD does not come alone usually, there are other disorders that one must deal with, including bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and sometimes even depression as the child gets older, as well as sleep problems. But, it is never easy as just throwing in medication and expecting everything to go back to normal. The problem is many people often give the child medication just to make life easier, but not being treated at all can be worse. Untreated adults often appear disorganized. Sometimes they even turn to non-prescription drugs and alcohol to cope. Knowing that you have ADHD can help somewhat, but if you had it and did not know, you would go through life wondering why you were different from everyone else.
You can also be surprised how early children realize they are different, even if they do not know why. When my brother was about five, he asked my mother why all the other children in his class could sit there quietly and listen, but he could not. He also asked my mother if he could trade his brain for a new one that was normal and one that did not need medicine every day. My brother was spoiled and was always treated just like all the other children around him and me as well. My mother never treated him different. For my brother, I saw that as he was growing up things got to be very difficult. He talked a lot and was always very active. When my brother started school, he loved it and was always up and ready to go every morning, but then things started to change. He started to fake sick so he could stay home and would not have to deal with the worry of completing his school work. My brother changed dramatically over the couple of years after being diagnosed with ADHD. He started to hang out the adults and children older than him because he felt normal rather than with children his age. To this day, my brother is still taking his...

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