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A Life Of Misery Essay

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A Life of Misery

College Writing II
Mrs. Lloyd
March 19, 2007

Theater is one of the most beautiful and magnificent works of art a person can whiteness. Although theater plays a small role in the society we live in today, it was not so back in the fifth century B.C., when Athens was in its prime, a society ahead of its time. Back then, theater was exceptionally popular, drawing up to 17,000 spectators a showing. Theaters were built all over and were glorious works of art alone. Theater was more then what we would consider going to see a movie or a sporting event; it was both a religious and civic occasion. Greek plays were only shown twice a ...view middle of the document...

In his travels he came across a group of men who brutally forced him off the road. In anger he killed the man who pushed him off the road. When the older man hit him with two prongs, he killed him and the rest. As he came along in his journey he came to Thebes and solved the riddle of the Sphinx. His reward was the crown of Thebes and the hand of the widowed queen, Jocasta, in marriage. Little did he know that in those moments he fulfilled the prophecy, He killed his father King Laius, and married his mother, Queen Jocasta. In the end of this great drama, Oedipus realizes what he has done and he gouges his eyes out and banishes himself from the land as punishment. If I had the position as the judge at Oedipus’s modern day trial and the jury brought back a guilty verdict, my sentence would rule him mentally insane and strip him of all his power and make him nothing more then part of the royal family.
He was controlled by fate, and he did everything he could to avoid this fate. Oedipus is the kind of person who puts others before himself, this makes him very admirable. When he went to seek answers
And so,
unknown to mother and father I set out for Delphi,
and the god Apollo spurned me, sent me away
denied me the facts I came for,
but first he flashed before my eyes a future
great with pain, terror, disaster- I can hear him cry,
“You are fated to couple with your mother, you will bring
a breed of children into the light no man can bear to see-
you will kill your father, the one who gave you life!”
I heard all that and I ran. I abandoned Corinth,
from that day on I gauged its landfall only
by the stars, running, always running
towards some place where I would never see
the shame of those oracles come true.(868-880)

He didn’t think of him self first; the first people he thought of were his parents. He essentially banished him self from seeing his beloved parents in fear of the harm he would do to them. Throughout this story you can see him demonstrate his noble trait, especially when he is king. He grieves for his people, and commits himself to find the murder, with the up most passion. This is a tragic story where an honorable man tried to deter from his fate, and failed in doing so, one must have sympathy on him.
Oedipus is mentally insane by the end of this play. He has gone through tremendous pain all his life, living with scars on his ankles, running from a fate he couldn’t change, and hurting the people he loved, which hurt him the most. For which he punished himself by gauging out his own eyes and banishing himself from the land, an awful and painful punishment, which cannot compare to death. He goes on living the rest of hid days blind to the world. When ask why he did such a thing, Oedipus responded;
Oedipus: What...

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