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A Letter To The Author Essay

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What makes a good book? What makes a great book? How does a book inspire a person? How does the writer know how to write an inspiring book? Why does it seem like a writer is writing something just for you as a reader? There are so many questions you can ask about a writer and a book but I feel the answers come from the person who has read the book.

I must say you book Dragonsinger is and awe-inspiring books to me personally. I have always fought against what I am in life because I never felt it was good enough. I thought that what I was to be was destined for me already so there was no point. I was going to fallow in my parents footsteps so I might as well get use to the idea. ...view middle of the document...

That was what I was told over and over but I just couldn’t really believe it. I mean it was only one little poem that wasn’t even that good. I couldn’t believe that my work was what people like to read. I guess that I was like Menolly there as well, my poems, her songs, we didn’t feel them to be great but people thought they truly were.

I had a lot of other things I fought against as well. Like being treated as I felt I should be. I am a girl so lets face it I am suppose to be weaker supposedly but I always hated that so I worked harder then ever to prove myself to be stronger. People I felt only wanted to be my friend for the things that I had, be it my truck, money, or anything else they could think up. That hurt a lot. I wanted to be seen as a person not as what I had or what I was. When I read your book it was like I knew what Menolly was going through the whole time and could relate and it gave me so much hope to know that you could survive through it. I was going to take my own life at one time but I decided that if I worked harder I could also get what was coming to me. As of yet it has not come but who knows maybe someday it will and I can be seen for more then me just like Menolly.

Thank you for writing such a wonderful inspiring book it has changed my life drastically. I learned that is not how we see ourselves but as others see us. People don’t always see us as writers, singers, business men, or even harpers. They see us as people first and then they see our work and they see a totally new thing. We just have to deal with that in life.

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